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7 Ways to Reduce Skin Inflammation

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Jun 26th 2024

7 Ways to Reduce Skin Inflammation

If there’s one principle of skin care that is universal it’s that healthy skin is beautiful skin. And one of the most common and clear signs that your skin could use a health upgrade is inflammation. We’ve all had days when our skin just looked irritated: pink or red, maybe a bit swollen, and more sensitive than usual. But for many of us, there are times when inflammation happens frequently or more persistently. If you have skin inflammation that just won’t quit, here are some ways to reduce it.

Use a Soothing Moisturizer

A great moisturizer, appropriate to the season and your skin type, is a must-have skin care staple. But if you have inflammation regularly, using a particularly soothing moisturizer can help you keep that inflammation to a minimum.

Snack on Anti-Inflammatory Foods (and Skip Inflammatory Foods)

Skin inflammation can be limited to your skin alone or it could be an extension of inflammation throughout your body. Many factors can cause your body’s immune system to be reactive in a way that causes inflammation, but one especially common factor is your diet. Certain foods can trigger inflammation while others can reduce it.

Reach for anti-inflammatory foods such as:

  • Leafy greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Fatty fish like salmon and tuna
  • Olive oil
  • Nuts
  • Fruits

Meanwhile, limit yourself on foods that can cause inflammation, such as:

  • Sugar
  • Refined carbohydrates like pastries and white bread
  • Sweetened beverages
  • Fried foods
  • Processed meat and red meat
  • Margarine

Switch to Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Your skin could be inflamed because it’s repeatedly reacting to irritants that are touching the skin. Fragrances and dyes, for example, often irritate skin, and there are many other ingredients that can as well. To see if this might be an ongoing issue for your skin, use skin care products made for sensitive skin instead because they won’t include common irritants.

Be Careful with Your Skin Hygiene

Inflammation generally means that your immune system is kicking in, trying to fight off a threat…whether or not there really is a threat. Sometimes the threat is real, like when bacteria is trying to set up camp on your skin. Strong skin hygiene practices, like cleaning your makeup brushes frequently, washing your skin with cleanser twice a day, and not using expired makeup and skin care products, can help you minimize the unhealthy bacteria on your skin.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Hydration does so much for your skin and reducing inflammation is one of those benefits. Your skin has a protective barrier which is made up of cells held together to keep moisture in your skin and keep pollutants and irritants out. Proper hydration will keep the bonds between the cells strong, making your protective barrier more effective so irritants don’t impact your skin as much.

To keep that hydration where you want it, using moisturizer twice a day is fundamental. On top of this, though, use warm water rather than hot water for showers and washing your face, and avoid harsh soaps that can dry out your skin.

Treat Yourself to a Soothing Mask

When your skin has been particularly inflamed or when you want to look your best for an occasion, one way to ease your inflammation in a hurry is with a soothing face mask. These use ingredients that act quickly and reach deeper into your skin to calm your skin inflammation.

See Your Dermatologist

All of the tips above are great ways to reduce your skin inflammation on your own. But if your inflammation is frequent or persistent, it could be more than just a few habits that need changing. It could be a sign of a skin condition like eczema or rosacea, and if it is, your dermatologist will have more direct and targeted ways to treat it. It never hurts to have your skin inflammation checked out by a dermatologist, especially if it’s flared up more often than it’s not.

A Note About Skin Inflammation

As you’re looking for ways to tame your inflamed skin, keep in mind that there are countless potential causes of skin inflammation. The tips and strategies above can help you fight off many of them, but it’s often a matter of trial and error to see what works best for your skin. So be patient and willing to try a few different habits and strategies to get your skin back on an even keel.