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Payot Paris

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Payot Paris

Payot Paris

Nadia Gregori Rachat was born in 1887 on the banks of the Black Sea in Odessa.

Very early on, she decided she wanted to become a doctor. Unfortunately, in her country at the time, it was impossible for women to have access to university education. After having spent her first twenty years there, Nadia left Odessa to study at the faculty of medicine in Lausanne in 1907 and became one of the first female doctors of her generation.

In 1917, they left for New York. She was amazed by the world of Beauty Parlours, which helped her focus on beauty and well-being of women! She focused on joie de vivre and deep breathing to maintain a balance between body and mind. On this basis, she was later to create her innovative BIOLOGICAL products.

In 1920, she moved to Paris. She worked a lot with a herbalist who supplied her with plants, sulphur, camphor, etc. Then she started to blend certain Beauty Elixirs and finalise a few legendary products such as: Golden Rays, Nutricia, etc. She soon opened real laboratories at Bois-Colombes, in the Paris suburbs and, in 1925, she opened her first Beauty Salon in the Rue Richepance in Paris, which rapidly met with tremendous success

In 1947, a factory and other laboratories were opened at Bois-Colombe, but this time with the production, packaging, shipment, glasswork and cardboard workshops. In the same year, the Doctor opened a beauty therapy school and started to develop body care on the first floor of the Castiglione beauty salon. For a period of nineteen years she trained generations of beauticians who, hitherto, did not exist and were graciously called Beauty Ladies.

Observing that the aging process of the body is slower than that of the face thanks to daily movements, Dr. Nadia Payot conceived specific gestures in spa therapy in combination with beauty care formulas, called biotherapy. With emphasis on multi-sensory beauty care, Payot Paris highlights the deliciousness of fragrances, the velveties of textures, and the symbolism of colour.

Payot team is made of a wide range of professionals including chemists, pharmacists, biologists, dermatologists, physio-therapists, among others. Herbs, plants and minerals are the pillars of our research and the origin of the ingredients of our high quality products. We pay close attention to the safety and comfort of our consumers. Our final products are dermatologist-tested and not tested on animals. Pleasure is one of the fundamental values that Payot Paris emphasizes, to offer each woman polysensorial skincare that provides a true moment of happiness during each use.