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How exactly did BABOR become one of the top ten beauty brands worldwide? It all started with Dr. Michael BABOR developing HY-ÖL over 60 years ago. For three generations, this family owned company has been synonymous with precision skincare and perpetual beauty, which is represented by the black rose symbol Dr. BABOR chose for his flagship product.

BABOR continues to be a pioneer in skincare research today by utilizing scientists and the joint efforts of renowned universities to bridge the gap between cosmetics and medical science. Every BABOR product is made exclusively in Germany from the first concept to the final product. The high-tech skincare and precision formulas that make BABOR recognized as a scientific authority are the result of the unique scientific expertise flowing from BABOR's research and development laboratory.

The only thing as impressive as BABOR's innovation is their results. HY-ÖL cleanser is still BABOR's best selling product today because of its ability to reach deep into pores to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells without drying out the skin. The result is impressively refreshed and glowing skin. All of BABOR's products offer visible results from SeaCreation powered by microorganisms to ReVersive which diminishes signs of aging. BABOR's devotion to making quality products used by spas, professionals, and consumers is evident in their high efficiency and effectiveness.

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