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How to Get Glowing Skin for Valentine's Day

Couple on Valentine's Day with BalloonsValentine’s Day weekend is here, and that means cute teddy bears, heart-shaped candies, and red roses everywhere you turn. If you have a date, you may already have a gorgeous flirty outfit all picked out and a dinner reservation set at a romantic restaurant.

But while you can plan the outfit and the date, it’s harder to schedule the state of your skin. And as Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of February, right in the middle of winter, it means all that time spent in freezing conditions and indoor heating can leave skin looking and feeling parched and dull.

But don’t worry, there are ways to achieve dewy glowing skin in time for the biggest date night of the year. Keep reading for our tips on changing up your skincare routine for February 14th and beyond.

Exfoliate Skin and Lips

We all know that the build-up of dead skin cells during the blustery winter months can leave skin looking drab. That’s where exfoliation comes in to reintroduce that glow. Choose a face scrub to rid this unwanted build-up for skin that radiates in time for Valentine’s Day.

Simply apply your face scrub of choice directly to dry skin and massage into your skin with your fingers. Rinse and pat dry. Voila, you’re left with smooth and dewy skin!

Exfoliate three times a week for the best results. And for an extra kissable pout, don’t forget the lips!

Lips can become dry during the winter and need some TLC on their own. If you’re hoping for a Valentine’s Day smooch, use Credentials Lip Exfoliator to gently buff lips. The product is packed full of botanical flower extracts, working to swipe dead and peeling skin away and promote a beautiful, natural color.

We’re sure he’d hardly be able to resist.

Hydrate with a Moisturizer

One of the best ways to promote healthy and vibrant skin is by using a hydrating moisturizer daily. Seek a water-based solution that boosts hydration of the skin and use it after cleansing both morning and evening.

Products containing hyaluronic acid work wonders and provide long-lasting hydration for the skin, leaving you glowing.

Pamper with a Face Mask

Let’s be honest, not all of us have the time or money to schedule a weekly facial at a lavish spa. That’s where at-home face masks swoop in to save the day.

While there are many different types of face masks that combat different skin issues, we love Tuel’s Purifying Clay Mask.

The gentle non-drying formula works to detox skin with its creamy clay consistency. Ideal for acne-prone, combination or oily skin, the mask will balance and clear skin while leaving it soothed and hydrated too. That way you can say goodbye to bringing along any blemishes or spots along to your big Valentine’s Day date.

Use a Radiating Primer

It’s the day of your date and creating a flawless base for your makeup is key to looking your best. To do this, the first step of your makeup routine is to apply a primer to radiate the skin.

Try M.A.D Skincare’s Aging Skin Vanish Age Diffusing Primer which is packed full of age-fighting ingredients to leave skin glowing. Lightweight and easy to apply, the primer helps give the skin a flawless and even skin tone along with a light-diffusing powder to add a dose of brightness, vibrancy, and luminosity to the skin. If you never used a primer before, you may wonder how you ever managed without it!

Choose a Foundation for Flawless Skin

Once your skin is left with a glowy base from the primer, it’s time to even out your skin tone and leave skin looking flawless with a dewy finish foundation.

There are many different types and shades available, so your best bet at finding a quality foundation to suit your skin is to venture into a department store and look for your favorite brands. In most cases, an assistant will be happy to match the perfect shade for you to try on your skin.

Highlight Cheekbones

For the ultimate glowing complexion for your date, take your makeup to the next level by applying your favorite highlighter. Sweep it across your cheekbones, brow bones, and the tip of your nose. It’s the ideal ‘no makeup’ makeup look for a mid-February date.

Now that your skin’s looking fabulous, good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day! Your sweetheart is sure to be impressed.


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