Tu'eL Botanical Booster Mature Skin Formula 0.5 oz

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EVERY SKIN CARE REGIMEN COULD USE A LITTLE BOOST. Pure and natural, this antioxidant essential oil blend is pure plant extracts and nothing else. It's the power of Mother Nature packed in a tiny bottle delivering concentrated vitamins and nutrients directly to your skin. Get ready to experience botanicals on a mission.

Specifically designed for mature skin to stimulate cell regeneration, increase collagen, help visibly remove age spots, and improve tone, elasticity and overall appearance

Come into 2 sizes: 1 oz and 0.5 oz
Benefits:Collagen Stimulation, Even Skin Tone, Firming & Lifting
Skin Type:Mature
Application Area:Face, Neck
Preferences:Organic, Natural, Paraben Free, Oil Free, Cruelty Free, Fragrance Free, Dye Free


Put 5-7 drops of oil into moist hands, rub together and smooth into clean face and neck, avoiding eye area.

Follow with Hydrate Super Serum. Use 1-2 times daily


Cypress, Rosewood, Carrot Seed, Marjoram, Vetiver, Lavender, Apricot and Avocado Oil
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