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Steppin' In Style: 5 Skin Care Tips for Smoother, Younger Feet

Feet in yellow spring time shoes

In the midst of winter, you’ve had boots and other full-coverage shoes to hide your feet for months. Well, heads-up, folks: spring is about to strike and with it will come sandals, cute pumps, and other shoes that show off your feet.

I’m going to fess up: throughout the winter, I tend to let my hooves go. Between calluses and dry skin, they’re looking downright gnarly by the time spring rolls around.

This is the time of year when I look down at my feet, freak out a bit, and then do some hardcore foot therapy to get them back into fighting shape. If you’re planning to do the same, check out these top skin care tips for your feet.

Kick Calluses to the Curb

Your feet work hard, and what do they have to show for it? Rough calluses.

Callus removers are your best friends when you need to get your feet back to their natural glowing beauty. Technique matters, though.

Before breaking out the callus removers, treat your feet to a solid 10-15 minutes of soaking in warm water. Keep in mind that there’s only so much you can do in one session. You might need a few separate sessions of soaking and scrubbing to perfect your little piggies.

Practice Prevention instead of Playing Catch-Up

Once you’ve cleared all the calluses and rough spots on your feet, put a regular regimen in place to keep new calluses from popping up.

Add a foot-specific product with salicylic acid to your routine. The salicylic acid will keep your feet soft so new rough calluses won’t form as quickly.

Don’t forget an exfoliating foot cream, too. You only need to use this one a few times per week, but it goes a long way toward smooth, soft feet you’ll be proud to show off.

Remember the Sun

You might remember to put sunscreen on your face, maybe you even put it on your hands and arms. What about your feet, though?

Any exposed skin on your feet needs sun protection for several reasons. First, the skin on your feet isn’t immune to potential skin cancer.

From a more cosmetic perspective, sun exposure breaks down the collagen in your skin, making skin thinner and more wrinkled. On top of that, you can and will get age spots on your feet if you keep exposing them to sunlight. The tops of your feet will look years older than they should if you don’t keep them safe from the sun.

Get Moving

Speaking of feet looking older, few things age your feet like bulging veins on the tops of your feet. They can happen to anyone, and some people even struggle with them so much that they stop wearing shoes with open tops altogether.

That doesn’t have to be you if you know how to prevent varicose veins on your feet. The most important thing you can do is to move. Avoid sitting or standing stationary for too long. This lets the blood pool in your veins, making the veins bulge. Instead, walk around every so often to get your blood moving.

In the long term, you can also lower your risk for varicose veins by sticking to a consistent, ongoing workout routine. Regular exercise supports healthy circulation.

Protect Your Hydration

One look at your feet will tell you that the skin on the tops of your feet is far different from the skin on the bottoms of your feet. They both have something in common, though: a serious tendency to be too dry.

It should come as no surprise that the best way to combat dry skin is to use a moisturizer on a daily basis. If you slap on the moisturizer and then stand up and go about your business, a lot of that moisturizer is going to wind up on the floor instead of on your feet. Worse yet, it’s easy to fall when your feet are slippery from moisturizer. Soft feet aren’t worth broken bones.

So what’s the solution? After applying your daily foot moisturizer, put on socks. If possible, put up your feet and relax for a while, too, to let the moisturizer soak into your skin.

Want your moisturizer to be more effective? Apply it after you take a shower or give your feet a soak. This locks in the hydration from the water that’s already in your skin.

Skin Care to Make Your Dogs Quit Barking

Dry, callused skin does more than take away your freedom to wear all the beautiful, airy shoes you want. Between uneven pressure and cracked heels, it can be downright painful.

If you’re done letting your feet hold you back, try the skin care tips above to step out looking like a million bucks this spring!