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Skincare Spotlight: Biopelle

Biopelle Skincare Products

Let’s all be clear about this fact: there is no shortage of skincare products in the world. On the surface, that seems fantastic. If you want better skin, there are options everywhere! The glamour tends to fade the first time (or the first seven times) you blow hard-earned money on a product that doesn’t do jack for your skin.

The real challenge is to find the products that actually work, and as a self-professed skincare aficionado, I can tell you that not everything out there is worth the price tag. Fortunately for you, I’ve had time to sift through the market and find some of the true gold out there, and Biopelle is one of the skincare leaders that passes the test with flying colors.

Who is Biopelle?

Biopelle is a skincare product manufacturer that does far more than churning out one cream after another. They’re among the leading innovators in the field.

In particular, Biopelle has pioneered skincare products with unique ingredients that no one else has tried or mastered. They spread the love among several different product lines, some based around a particular key ingredient and others designed to conquer a specific skincare goal.

All that hustling in the lab has earned Biopelle more than a shiny reputation and a place of love in countless customers’ hearts. It’s earned them coveted awards and mentions in global websites and publications. Their TENSAGE Intensive Serum 40 was named the 2019 Best Post-Procedure Serum by New Beauty magazine, and they’ve been featured on top product lists in publications and magazines like Cosmopolitan, Byrdie, New York magazine, Oprah magazine, Today, and Reader’s Digest to name a few.

The Biopelle Product Lines You Have to Try

Awards and publications are great and all, but how do you experience Biopelle for yourself? To get a true taste of who they are, I’d recommend starting with any of their signature product lines.


Have you noticed that so often, when there’s a big medical advancement, the secret had been hidden within some mysterious plant or phenomenon in nature? It’s amazing how many wonders nature hides in plain sight, and Biopelle has brought a particular one to life in their TENSAGE products.

In the TENSAGE line, Biopelle captures the unique power of a particular snail, whose secretions and eggs contain astonishing anti-aging ingredients. Yes, seriously.

The results have made Biopelle’s TENSAGE products some of their most popular items, and they now have a full line that includes cleansers, serums, eye creams, moisturizers, you name it. Of course, the stars of the whole shebang have to be the TENSAGE Intensive Serums.


Emepelle is a ground-breaking new product line that is built to serve a very specific, underserved group: people with estrogen-deprived skin.

When menopause hits, a woman’s natural estrogen levels drop off quickly and dramatically, which is what causes most of the symptoms. Even your skin will feel the effects, often becoming thinner, looser, and drier all in one fell swoop. Hooray.

To give relief to menopausal women as well as anyone else with low estrogen levels, Biopelle pioneered their specialized MEP Technology™. These products tackle all the skin-related side effects of estrogen loss at the same time. Biopelle offers several products in their Emepelle line, but their Emepelle night cream is making a real splash so it’s a great place to start.


You never think about how uneven your skin color is until you see how different it looks with foundation. One of the primary culprits of skin discoloration is a natural protein compound called hemosiderin.

Hemosiderin is responsible for storing iron from your blood inside body tissue, like skin. This plays a powerful role in common issues like spider veins, dark circles under the eyes, and discoloration after a skincare procedure.

Biopelle has come to the rescue in the form of its specialized Auriderm product line. Auriderm specifically targets hemosiderin using the power of Vitamin K Oxide.

Auriderm makes unique post-procedure products to help you avoid discoloration after skincare treatments in addition to their clearing gel and other items designed to get rid of existing issues.

Putting Biopelle’s Skincare Innovations to Good Use

Skincare is one of those fields that is constantly evolving. Do we know a lot about how to make skin look younger, clearer, and more vibrant? Sure. Is there is still more to be discovered? You bet your bottom dollar there is.

Biopelle is one of the companies at the cutting edge of skincare research, and they’re putting all their findings to work for your benefit by turning them into products you can buy and try today. Start by experiencing one of their specialized product lines for yourself.