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Skincare Spotlight: BABOR

Babor Skincare: Pioneering BeautyI’ll admit it: I’m a beauty and skincare nerd. I’m constantly hunting for new treatments and products I can try, and my face may as well be a research subject at a lab because I’m always giving it a taste of something new.

Along that journey, I’ve gotten to know a variety of top skincare brands and what makes them different. With enough experimentation, I even get a handle for how my skin responds to each brand and what its key strengths are.

Today, I’m giving a special nod to one of my top faves of all time: BABOR.

Who is BABOR?

BABOR is an incredibly long-lasting leader in the skincare scene. They kicked off in Germany in 1956, giving them a respectable 64 years of building their reputation as skincare pioneers.

The brand began with a chemist named Dr. Michael Babor. In the 1950s, he developed a unique new cleanser called HY-OL cleansing oil which used natural plant oils to purify the skin without that leaving behind that weirdly dry, tight feeling as if you’d put your skin in the microwave.

HY-OL may have been innovative from the start, but it was only the beginning. Since then, BABOR has remained in the hands of the same family, with the third generation now on the scene. Throughout that time, they’ve continued to develop new and fascinating products, always on the cutting edge of skincare.

What Makes BABOR Unique?

I know what you’re thinking: skincare brands are a dime a dozen, so what makes BABOR so special? It all comes down to science.

BABOR doesn’t just use the same-old-same-old. They have their own team of specialized researchers from a variety of disciplines – chemists, biologists, you name it. Those researchers are always in the lab at the company’s Germany headquarters, finding new ways to give you the best skin of your life. They’re truly pioneers at the forefront of skincare science.

Teamwork makes the dream work too, though. In addition to their own team, BABOR often collaborates with other labs, research teams, and universities to reach new skincare frontiers.

The Top BABOR Products You Need to Try

All this cutting-edge technology might sound great, but how do you see it for yourself? There’s no better way than to experience BABOR’s products on your own skin. If you want to get to know them in a nutshell, these are the first products to try.

The Famous Ampoules

One of BABOR’S most unique innovations is their famous ampoule line. Ampoules are tiny glass vials that are packed with highly concentrated active ingredients for your skin. They’re so concentrated that it takes a mere two milliliters to make a difference.

Think of these ampoules as intensive skin treatments in a bottle – like a nutritional cleanse or a boot camp, but for your skin. The ampoules are designed as a seven-day process. You simply apply one ampoule to your skin each day and voila: you have an at-home skin revitalization.

There are BABOR ampoules for just about any goal you could have for your skin. From hydration to firming to damage repair, they have it all.

BABOR Cleansing Products

If you’ve never used BABOR products before and you want an introduction to the brand, what better way to do that than with the products that started it all: their cleansing products?

Of course, the signature HY-OL cleansing oil is the true original. Since then, though, BABOR has expanded their line to include foaming cleansers, cleanser and toner combinations, eye makeup removers, and more.

Some of the most advanced and unique products in the BABOR line are their phytoactive cleansers. These formulas are specially created to protect your skin from the massive damage of sun exposure and other environmental factors.

Doctor BABOR

BABOR is all about cutting-edge, science-based, high-quality skincare products throughout their entire brand. They have an advanced line that takes this to the next level, though. In a tribute to the chemist who started it all, that line is called Doctor BABOR.

This line of products is designed for professional use. It includes everything from age-fighting creams to dedicated eye solutions to concentrated serums and more.

The Doctor BABOR products have a higher price tag, but they make up for it by being uniquely powerful and using dramatic combinations of effective ingredients to produce truly professional results. They truly live up to the line’s motto: “more effective – more precise – more innovative.”

Getting the BABOR Experience for Yourself

There is a reason why our Skin Elite™ team chooses to offer BABOR skincare products to our customers: because these products are truly unique and revolutionary. We believe in the beauty that science can create, and BABOR not only puts that science to work but pioneers new science of their own on a regular basis.

What better way to see the difference than to try BABOR for yourself? Whether you opt to start with the ampoules or the cleansing products, or to go all-in with the Doctor BABOR creations, trust me, you’re in for a treat.