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Sircuit Skin
Sircuit Skin Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals: The Leaders in Revolutionary Advanced Chiral Skin Therapy:

Sircuit Skin goes way beyond regular topical skin care; this is skin care developed at the molecular level! Experts agree that Sircuit Skin formulated with advanced Chiral Technology certainly "raised the bar" and that this targeted, science-based approach to healthy skin is here to stay.

Chiral Technology is based on the 1848 discovery by Louis Pasteur that all molecules have 2 identical sides or shapes. Though they may seem identical, they do not always feature same properties or benefits. In contrast, the human body is selective about which side of a particular molecule shape is able to form a perfect bond with the skin cell receptors. The "effective" side of the molecule optimizes the benefits of each ingredient. All Sircuit Skin product formulations utilize advanced, "body friendly" Chiral Technology to separate out the correct side of the active ingredient molecule and only use the side of the molecule that fits. Additionally, by eliminating the other ineffective side, there is less chance of adverse reaction. The result is a healthy, soft, fresher skin.

Sircuit Skin Baff Time Sircuit Skin Baff Time
SIRC-001   Our Price $29.00
Sircuit Skin Body Wotion Sircuit Skin Body Wotion
SIRC-002   Our Price $29.00

Sircuit Skin Brilliance Sircuit Skin Brilliance
SIRC-003   Our Price $94.00
Sircuit Skin Eye Dew Sircuit Skin Eye Dew
SIRC-010   Our Price $114.00

Sircuit Skin Handsome Sircuit Skin Handsome
SIRC-012   Our Price $30.00
Sircuit Skin Mocha Loca Sircuit Skin Mocha Loca
SIRC-017   Our Price $60.00

Sircuit Skin R&R Sircuit Skin R&R
SIRC-022   Our Price $78.00
Sircuit Skin Savior Sircuit Skin Savior
SIRC-023   Our Price $30.00

Sircuit Skin Sircuit Secret Sauce Sircuit Skin Sircuit Secret Sauce
SIRC-027   Our Price $120.00
Sircuit Skin Sircuit Soliel Sircuit Skin Sircuit Soliel
SIRC-028   Our Price $39.00

Sircuit Skin Sircuit Weapon Sircuit Skin Sircuit Weapon
SIRC-029   Our Price $70.00
Sircuit Skin Smooth Operator Sircuit Skin Smooth Operator
SIRC-030   Our Price $42.00

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