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Senetek PLCAt Senetek we recognize the importance of addressing the issues of an aging population.   With an emphasis on safety and efficacy, we have developed breakthrough technologies that target the science of healthy aging and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Senetek’s extensive research collaborations have resulted in a strong pipeline of patented compounds with broad therapeutic applications and a leading presence in dermatology. Senetek’s partnerships with leading research and academic institutions have placed the Company at the forefront of technological advancements in developing treatments for the science of healthy aging. Our highly successful collaborative programs have resulted in a large and growing IP portfolio featuring important new models in treatment that span a range of therapeutic areas, including dermatology, nutrition, wound healing and erectile dysfunction.

Senetek developed and commercialized Kinetin, the Company's first generation cytokinin (naturally occurring plant growth factor). Marketed under the Kinerase trademark - purchased by Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc. - it is currently the leading aging skin rejuvenation product sold in the North American physician market.

Pyratine-6™, one of the first of Senetek’s second generation cytokinins to complete clinical testing, has been successfully evaluated for the treatment of the signs of aging and its effect on reducing acne lesions and erythema, which results in the treatment of acne rosacea.

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Pyratine-6 Creme 2.5 ozPyratine-6 Creme 2.5 oz
PYRA-006   Our Price $115.00
Pyratine-6 Foaming Cleanser 7.1 ozPyratine-6 Foaming Cleanser 7.1 oz
PYRA-003   Our Price $35.00

Pyratine-6 Lotion 2.5 ozPyratine-6 Lotion 2.5 oz
PYRA-004   Our Price $115.00
PyratineXR Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30PyratineXR Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30
PYRA-011   Our Price $143.00

PyratineXR Creme 1 ozPyratineXR Creme 1 oz
PYRA-002   Our Price $79.00
PyratineXR Creme 2 ozPyratineXR Creme 2 oz
PYRA-007   Our Price $137.00

PyratineXR Intensive Anti-Redness & Healing Ointment 1.5 ozPyratineXR Intensive Anti-Redness & Healing Ointment 1.5 oz
PYRA-010   Our Price $99.00
PyratineXR Lotion 1 ozPyratineXR Lotion 1 oz
PYRA-005   Our Price $79.00

PyratineXR Lotion 2 ozPyratineXR Lotion 2 oz
PYRA-008   Our Price $137.00
PyratineXR Soothing Anti-Oxidant CleanserPyratineXR Soothing Anti-Oxidant Cleanser
PYRA-009   Our Price $35.00

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