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SPECIALSampar (35% Discount)
Sampar (35% Discount)Note: Please enter "closeout" in the "Coupon /Promotional Code" box on the "Billing Information" page, or mark your request in the comment box during check out, and 35% will be taken off the price of all items of this brand.

The story of Sampar Skin Care: Environmental damage is the number one cause of premature skin aging. Nowhere does our skin face more danger than in heavily polluted cities. Paris-based Sampar's Urban Active skin care line finally lets us enjoy fine city living without the harmful pollutants bombarding our skin with its incredibly elegant protecting and cleansing formulas.

Sampar's specialized formulas combine nanotechnology, aromatherapy and high concentrations of all-natural and high-tech ingredients to protect our skin and keep it looking young and vibrant. With four product lines for different skin concerns, Sampar is urban skin's best friend.

Sampar Blotting Paper (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Blotting Paper (35% Discount)
SAMA-012   Our Price $12.00
Sampar Clear Solution Mask (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Clear Solution Mask (35% Discount)
SAMA-009   Our Price $29.00

Sampar Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser (35% Discount)
SAMA-011   Our Price $30.00
Sampar Dew It Again Shower Gel (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Dew It Again Shower Gel (35% Discount)
SAMA-023   Our Price $23.00

Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel (35% Discount)
SAMA-003   Our Price $48.00
Sampar Go Figure Slimming Gel (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Go Figure Slimming Gel (35% Discount)
SAMA-021   Our Price $54.00

Sampar Good Weekend Kit - 2 sets (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Good Weekend Kit - 2 sets (35% Discount)
SAMA-006   Our Price $27.00
Sampar Joyous Body Milk (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Joyous Body Milk (35% Discount)
SAMA-020   Our Price $45.00

Sampar Lap Of Luxury Sea Scrub (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Lap Of Luxury Sea Scrub (35% Discount)
SAMA-022   Our Price $54.00
Sampar Nocturnal Lifting Mask (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Nocturnal Lifting Mask (35% Discount)
SAMA-005   Our Price $65.00

Sampar Skin Quenching Mist (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Skin Quenching Mist (35% Discount)
SAMA-002   Our Price $28.00
Sampar Splendid Eyes Elation 0.53 oz (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Splendid Eyes Elation 0.53 oz (35% Discount)
SAMA-014   Our Price $63.00

Sampar Spot Lighter (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Spot Lighter (35% Discount)
SAMA-018   Our Price $29.00
Sampar The Impossible C-Rum (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar The Impossible C-Rum (35% Discount)
SAMA-024   Our Price $90.00

Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid (35% Discount)
SAMA-004   Our Price $47.00
Sampar Velvet Cleansing Milk (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Velvet Cleansing Milk (35% Discount)
SAMA-001   Our Price $27.00

Sampar Vivid Radiance Serum (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar Vivid Radiance Serum (35% Discount)
SAMA-015   Our Price $56.00
Sampar White Velvet Cleanser (35% Discount)SPECIAL
Sampar White Velvet Cleanser (35% Discount)
SAMA-016   Our Price $28.00

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