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Qu-Ahhh-rantine: How to Create Your Own Spa Experience at Home

At home spa dayThese are historical times we’re living through, folks. Who would’ve thought that this decade would be known for kicking off with a mass quarantine?

We all know how important it is to do our part and keep ourselves at home. Still, all that time spent stuck in one place while living through a traumatically scary pandemic takes a serious toll on your mental health. And sure, binge-watching Tiger King is one heck of a fascinating distraction, but relaxing and restorative it is not.

Clearly, you can’t treat yourself to a refreshing day at the spa to ease your stress, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to recreate the experience at home. With a few simple steps, you can give yourself the day off you deserve, even in isolation.

Step 1: Get Steamy

Start your spa day with a steam. That could be a long lounge in a hot bath if you’re a bath fan. If you’re not, or if you only have a shower, crank up the heat anyway and relax in the steamy bathroom for a while.

All that steam and warmth opens up your pores so the rest of your spa routine is more effective. Of course, it’s also incredibly calming and relaxing.

Plus, since you’re not using a community sauna, you can enjoy as much or a little steam as you want. Solitary time has its advantages, folks.

Step 2: Go Soft with a Body Scrub

Now that your skin is spa-ready, make it smooth and soft by exfoliating your body. While any body scrub can exfoliate, you want a product that also infuses your skin with healthy ingredients.

My personal favorite is the GlyMed Plus WRx Professional Micro Scrub. It’s effective in getting rid of all those dead skin cells and rough skin textures to leave you feeling soft and glamorous, but without being overly harsh.

Any time you exfoliate (and this goes for your body as well as your face), follow it up with a gentle moisturizer. This keeps your skin’s protective barrier strong while making sure you have all the hydration you need.

Step 3: Pamper Your Feet

Now that the rest of your body is refreshed, it’s time to give special attention to those hard-working feet of yours. They might be taking you fewer places right now, but they still deserve some gratitude.

Start with a relaxing foot soak. If you have a foot bath already, you’re in luck. If not, pull up a chair next to the bathtub or even create a makeshift foot back by filling up a storage bin with warm water.

As great as it feels to soak your feet, this also softens the calluses so you can tackle them once and for all. Depending on how much attention your feet need, either a callus remover or a pumice stone will do the trick.

Next, soften the rest of your feet with a specialized foot exfoliator. Follow it up with a moisturizer and you have refreshed, soft, youthful feet. If you want to add a bit of glam to them, now is also the perfect time to give yourself a fresh pedicure.

Step 4: Indulge in a Facemask Facial

You’ve taken care of your body and your feet, and now it’s time to give your face the attention it deserves. You might not be able to visit your favorite facialist but an at-home face mask can do wonders.

Always begin with a cleanser. Use warm water to wash your face so it opens your pores and promotes healthy blood flow.

If you haven’t exfoliated in a few days, that should be your next step. This kicks out any dead skin cells and other debris that would get in the way of letting your mask work its magic.

Finally, it’s time for the main event. You can choose your face mask depending on what you want for your skin. There are hydrating masks, oxygenating masks, anti-aging masks, you name it.

For my uneven complexion and the dark circles under my eyes, I’m particularly attached to my Bioelements Radiance Rescue Mask, but to each their own.

Making Your Own Happiness

Look, we all know it, and I won’t lie: we’re living through difficult times. We’re in this for the long haul, though, so to empower yourself to keep practicing safe isolation and doing your part to get through the pandemic, you need to take care of your mental health too.

One way to do that is by finding ways to relax and kick your stress to the curb. The next time you need something restorative, lock yourself away from the kids or the spouse and give yourself a spa day for the ages.