Payot Paris Serum SOS Reconciliant / Calming and Soothing Treatment

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Payot Paris Serum SOS Reconciliant / Calming and soothing treatment with alga and brown linen extracts

Objectives: Correct, rebalance and soothe reactive skin.

Actions: -Improves the micro-circulation through a vasoconstricting action. -Protects the skin against external irritants. -Immediately relieves sensations of discomfort, tautness and redness.

Results: -The skin regains all its comfort and suppleness. -Redness and irritations disappear. -The complexion is once more uniform and radiant.


Stops inflammation, irritation and pain mechanisms. Soothes, calms and softens the skin Improves the micro-circulation, attenuates redness


Take the equivalent of 3 pushes in the palm of the hand and apply all over the face, throat and decollete in a rocking movement and finish with small dabbing motions following the Dr. Payot method. Use with Emulsion reconciliante; Creme reconciliante; Creme reconciliante riche.


High tolerance complex Liquorice extract Pilewort extract
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