Native Botanical

Native Botanical
The Native Botanical Company offers unique body products by combining Native American herbalism, modern botanical knowledge, and true aromatherapy. We use the finest quality herbal extracts, pure essential oils, natural anti-oxidant vitamins, cold-pressed plant oils, and exotic plant butters (Shea butter).

There are three blends designed to meet each of your specific needs.

River is our relaxing and stress relieving formula. We use 17 botanical extracts along with essential oils of Cypress which calms the and soothes the mind. Wild Bulgarian Lavender balances the nervous system. Marjoram strengthens the mind and relieves anxiety, and Vetiver which grounds and relaxes body and mind.

Sun soothes tired, stiff, and aching muscles. Essential oil of Ginger has analgesic properties and may aid strains and sprains. Coriander is warming and alleviates muscular spasms. Eucalyptus is helpful with muscular aches and pains. Birch has analgesic and invigorating properties, and Bay soothes muscular and joint aches. Tired of stiff, sore, achy muscle or joints? Then this fabulous blend will soon become your best friend. A must try!

Mountain refreshes the body and spirit. Essential oil of Lemon is an excellent tonic promoting clarity of thought. Bergamot is cooling and uplifting, helping to allay frustration. Cypress calms and soothes the spirit, and Coriander stimulates the mind and aids memory.

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