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Travel Trauma: How to Keep Your Skin Glowing While You Travel

Traveler with glowing skinWhether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, every trip you take has the potential to be a grand adventure. For your skin, though, it’s more like a grand battle.

When you travel, your skin goes through some serious ups and downs – and not just the ups and downs your plane makes if you fly. Between different modes of transportation, changes to your usual routine, and quick jumps to new climates, you need to appreciate the rollercoaster your skin goes on.

Of course, that isn’t to say you should cancel your plans to jet-set around the world. All it takes is some planning and the right tools to keep your skin looking beautiful in every time zone.

Research Your Destination

In most cases, when you travel, your destination will have a wildly different climate than the one you’re coming from.

You could go from high humidity to dry air or vice versa, for example.

Before you go, summon the almighty Google and find out what the climate is like in your destination. Better yet, look up common skin issues people tend to have in that area.

Depending on how that climate compares with your native climate, you can pack the right skin care products. Heading to a humid area? Pack a lightweight moisturizer instead of your usual one so it doesn’t bog down your skin.

If your destination is drier than your hometown, opt for a more robust moisturizer, and don’t forget the lip balm. Lips are skin, too.

Keep It Simple

As we mentioned, your skin goes through a lot when you travel. Think of it like a shy child who is stepping out of its comfort zone and trying something new because their parent forced them to. You don’t want to make that big accomplishment any more difficult than it already is.

The week of your vacation is not the week to try out a new skin care product. It’s also not the week to go overboard with the “once in a while” treatments in your skin care routine, like dermal rollers or exfoliation, perhaps.

While you travel, try to keep your skin care regimen simple. Pare it down to the essentials like makeup remover, gentle cleanser, and moisturizer.

This lowers the risk that anything will irritate your skin while it’s already sensitive.

Plan for Extra Hydration (Depending on Your Transportation)

Part of your trip’s skin care routine will vary based on how you’re getting to your destination.

So let’s talk about planes. Sure, they let you access parts of the world you never could without them (at least not within a reasonable amount of time). But they have an ability to suck the moisture out of your skin like no other.

The air on a plane is far drier than the air in most environments, primarily because of the air filtering system that keeps you from catching every germ from the sneezing guy sitting eighteen rows behind you.

As a result, your skin will be as dry as the Sahara by the time you land. This is only a problem if you let it be a problem.

To take control, make sure your skin is well-hydrated before the flight. This would be a good time to do a hydrating moisture mask, for example.

It’s also important to have some moisturizer on-hand during the flight in case you need an extra dose, so stash some in your carry-on bag.

Watch the Areas Under Your Eyes

For most of us, traveling comes with some amount of sleep disturbance. You’re in a new environment, you’re out of your element, so chances are that the Z’s won’t be as easy to come by.

When that happens, those pesky areas under your eyes will give you away.

No need to worry, though, because there are always skin care products that can help. If you get puffy eyes when you’re sleep-deprived, try a fast-acting product like the Instant Firmx Eye, which is like a daily bandage when your eyes need some extra firming.

The same advice applies if you’re planning to hit the bar (or hit all the bars) during your trip. A quick-fix product will cut back on the puffiness that alcohol tends to cause, so you can step out the next day looking like you spent all night sipping water.

Staying Clear of Skin Woes No Matter Where You Go

Keeping your skin healthy, beautiful, and comfortable is never easy while you’re traveling. So many factors come together to try to wreck your skin, but you don’t have to sit by and watch it happen.

The tips above don’t take more than a few extra minutes before your trip, but they can make your trip all the more carefree and refreshing. Bon voyage!