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Glytone Rejuvenate System Kit for Normal to Oily Skin

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The step-up system is ideal for people concerned with the cosmetic signs of aging. A customized "step-up" approach using increasing levels of free glycolic acid helps combat the cosmetic appearance of skin aging and maximize patient tolerance.

The step-up products can be used in two ways:
1) As a daily beginning skincare regimen for people ages 25+, and 2) As part of the peel series to help maximize the benefits of the peel.

2)The Step-up kit can also be used to build skin tolerance to glycolic acid peels and enhance results.

This kit contains:
Mild Gel Wash 200 ml
Facial Lotion 60 ml
Exfoliating Lotion 60 ml
Mini-Peel Gel 60 ml
Benefits:Brightening & Lightening, Repairing, Nourishment, Hydration & Moisturizing
Skin Type:Normal, Oily
Application Area:Face
Key Ingredients:Glycolic Acid, Dimethicone


Step 1 (10% AHA):
The first level of glycolic acid care for people who are beginning the step-up system.
The step up system is available in a Step-Up Kit, which contains all the products needed by skin type for starting a regimen.
For prepping the skin before a glycolic acid peel series, begin using your Step-up Kit 2 weeks prior to your first peel.


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