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How to Keep Skin Looking and Feeling Fresh During Airline Travel

Woman standing in airport preparing to travelWhile airline travel is often an indicator of an exciting upcoming holiday, there’s no denying that an overseas flight causes havoc for our skin, and that’s even for the most well-seasoned of travelers.

But believe it or not, there are ways to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh before, after, and during a flight cruising at 36,000 feet.

Ever seen those glamorous women spritzing sweet-smelling essences and relaxing with full face sheet masks mid-air? Well, it turns out these knowledgeable ladies may have it spot on. Keep reading for our top tips on looking and feeling refreshed as you soar across the skies.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While drinking water regularly throughout the day is crucial, it’s even more important when you’re flying through the clouds. After all, traveling on an airplane can cause mayhem for our hydration levels.

To stay comfortably hydrated, you should be consuming eight ounces of water every hour you’re flying to avoid dehydration.

While it may sound like a lot for a long-haul flight, you can give your hydration levels a jump-start by upping your water intake before boarding your flight.

On-board, mix it up a bit and alternate between cold and warm beverages. Warm drinks such as hot water and lemon or herbal tea will help balance out chilly cabin conditions, which we all know many airlines are guilty of. Ginger tea is a great option as it’s soothing to the stomach and promotes peripheral circulation.

And while continuous bathroom breaks may get boring, remember that they help keep your body moving consistently which is great when you’re stuck on a long flight.

Go Minimal with Makeup

Before leaving for the airport, go for minimal makeup. Use a hydrating and replenishing cleanser and moisturizer, and limit your look to concealer, lip balm, and a flick of mascara. If you don’t mind going make-up free, this works even better.

Opting for minimal makeup means you’ll still look put-together, but your skin will feel fresh without being caked in heavy foundations and blushers.

Use a Sheet Mask

Using sheet masks mid-flight is seemingly acceptable nowadays. It’s not unusual to see people lying back, with a ghost-like sheet sitting on their faces a couple of hours into the journey.

Why is it so popular? Because using a sheet mask is a great way to make sure your skin replaces all that lost moisture mid-flight.

However, when choosing a mask, it’s important to make the right choice. You want to make sure that your skin is left hydrated and supple, rather than dry and parched.

Look for masks that are creamy or gel-like in consistency that will leave the skin nourished. For the best results, apply a hydrating serum underneath your mask to offer ultimate nourishment.

BABOR’S Hydro Gel Face Masks feature a refreshing fusion of hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-8, and second-skin technology for maximum hydration mid-air and will leave the skin feeling tingly and refreshed – perfect for when you’re feeling cramped in a cabin.

Post-flight, you may like to opt for a lighter-textured serum-based mask that works well for skin after flying.

Cleanse Thoroughly

Cleansing skin is important, but it’s even more so after flying.

After an airplane journey, always clean your skin thoroughly. Skin gets so dehydrated and dry during flying that it absorbs every drop of moisture out of any makeup sitting on your face, leaving your foundation and other makeup products looking dry and dreary.

Gentle micellar water is perfect and fuss-free if you decide to cleanse your face mid-flight or soon after you land as it requires no water.

Osmotics Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water is a great option. A three-in-one solution, the formula works to dissolve makeup while thoroughly cleansing and refreshing the skin. The product is perfect for airline travel, as no rinsing or rubbing is required, and the formula is non-irritating. That means you can wipe off your makeup easily from the comfort of your seat on the plane.

Skin will feel refreshed and hydrated as all the makeup, oil, and impurities are lifted away.

Beat Puffiness with a Cooling Spray

Unfortunately, airline travel can also result in skin feeling and looking puffy. As well as facial skin, legs and feet can also swell above the air. You may even find that your favorite shoes don’t slip on quite as easily after landing.

To lessen puffiness, try spritzing your face, legs, and feet with a cooling spray. You’ll find that the refreshing formula will give heavy and weary limbs a lighter feel.

If this tends to be a concurring issue for you when flying, consider bringing a tennis ball on-board with you. While it may sound strange, rolling the ball beneath the feet allows the lymphatic fluid to move throughout your body, rather than allowing it to settle into ankles and feet making them puffy.

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