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Mother's Day: Give the Gift of Skincare

Rare rose extracts give Babor products anti-aging properties. There is only one day, a year to honor the strong women who raised you, inspired you, or made a substantial impact on your life.  

We should honor these brilliant women every day, for their patience, courage and being a super hero.

The second Sunday of every May, moms have a special day to feel completely and utterly loved. We can thank Anna Jarvis who created Mother’s Day in 1908 to play homage to her late mother, a civil war activist.

She believed Mother’s Day should be a memorial for moms and mother figures to show tribute for all the amazing things they do. People wore carnations to honor these magnificent women, Anna’s mother’s favorite flower. Pink or red carnations were worn for living mothers and red carnations for those who had passed on. West Virginia was the first state to honor Mother’s Day in 1910. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day a national holiday.

With Mother’s Day approaching, do you know what that means? Time to celebrate the most special women in your life with the gift of skin care.  We honor, cherish, praise and are forever thankful for the unconditional love she shows. There is no better way to show appreciation then to indulge the woman we love most with all the finer things skin care has to offer.

We created the perfect gift guide essentials to make this Mother’s Day the greatest yet! We choose BABOR Skincare for our perfect find. Gift mom with the most innovative and exclusive brand on the market.

BABOR skincare has set the bar high with their ability to find the rarest and purest forms of ingredients. Made in Germany and family ran since 1956, BABOR shows us family roots run deep. With this incredible family dynamic behind every new product and love for luxurious ingredients, BABOR gives their costumers a feel of tradition.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts She will Love

Ampoule Sets by BABOR Skincare

What are ampoules? Ampoules are high concentrations of potent ingredients sealed in a single use vial. They are the most lavish products in the skin care industry. Since they are stored in glass or plastic vials, Ampoule active ingredients absorb into the skin faster due to their small molecular size. Most BABOR ampoules have anti-aging properties, but they also help with acne, dryness, and dark spots. Below I’ve chosen three gift sets that mom will love.

BABOR Spring Egg Beauty Ampoule Set

Give the gift of 14 Days of blissful ampules, let mom feel pampered with this glorious treatment kit.  The BABOR Spring Egg Beauty Ampoule Set is full of Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract, and Flower Extract. Moms’ skin will be left with feeling replenished. These ampoules improve skin tone and texture, leaving the skin fully hydrated while firming and repairing damage. 

New Grand Cru Anti-aging Ampoule Set

Instead of a bouquet of roses give the gift of rose skin care. BABOR created the most beneficial rose Ampoule concentrates to give mom youthful radiant looking skin. Use NEW GRAND CRU Anti-aging Ampoule Set for 7 days and watch how this treatment diminishes the signs of aging. This new stand out product has an exclusive formulation containing three rare rose extracts that slow down premature aging, add moisture back to the skin while reducing the signs of environmental damage. The 3 Rose extracts are Damascene Rose, Alba Rose, Black Baccara Rose.

 Benefits of rose oil extracts are:

  1. Damascene Rose helps boost collagen, fine line and wrinkle reduction.
  2. Alba Rose extract helps even out skin tone, detoxify, balance and correct the skin.
  3. Black Baccara Rose helps fight off free radicals, minimize scars, kills acne, slows down premature aging while leaving skin hydrated and refreshed.

BABOR With Love Ampoule Set

BABOR With Love Ampoule Set contains 7 of the very best-selling ampoules concentrates. It is such an incredible way to experience some of the most loved products by BABOR.  Each ampoule is full of high-quality ingredients that allows mom to dive right into her youth. These heavenly ampoule concentrates leave skin feeling improved in just two weeks. You’ll notice how your skin completely changes, feeling repaired, more radiant, stronger elastin, hydrated, and fully rejuvenated.

About the Author

My Name is Ashley D. I am a LA certified makeup artist, Master Esthetician as well as an Esthetics Instructor. I’ve always had a love for beauty, skin and education. 

I am so passionate in creating a healthy glow from within.  By having a background in skincare, I am able to identify each client’s specific needs and develop a look that works with their skin type.  Being able to create a canvas that allows my clients to feel beautiful is the best feeling!

Being in the beauty industry for ten years has allowed me to learn new beauty tips and tricks that helps me educate my clients, as well as, create a multitude of styles for different occasions. My specialty is Bridal makeup, Pageant makeup, Editorial work and Educating.