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How to Fix Post Holiday Skin

Toasting wine glasses at a holiday partyThe festive season is tough on our skin. Not only are we swigging the booze every other day, but we’re indulging in sugary treats and rich foods more than we usually would. Plus, with so many Holiday parties and late-night gatherings to attend, our sleep suffers too.

All these factors take a toll on our skin and come January many of us are left feeling sluggish with skin that’s dehydrated, swollen, or acne-prone.

Thankfully it’s easy to get your skin back on track, but, unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to the alcohol and stodgy foods. And yes, that means cutting down on your favourite cheese too!

Ready to welcome back gorgeous, glowing skin? Keep reading.

Switch Up Your Diet

We all knew this one was coming. While December is the month of overindulgence when it comes to consuming high-fat, sugary foods, in January it’s time to heal the skin by feeding it the right nutrients from the right foods.

Swap your Christmas candies and mince pies for healthy foods that your skin will love such as sweet potatoes, peppers, nuts, seeds, broccoli, and cauliflower. These foods are packed full of vitamins A, C, and E, all which work wonders to treat skin in need of some serious TLC. These vitamins are all crucial for positive skin health and offer anti-inflammatory antioxidants that produce healthy cells and collagen, both of which contribute to a plump and youthful glow.

Try to be patient once you’ve changed your diet – your skin isn’t going to clear overnight. There isn’t an exact timeframe you should expect, and how quickly your skin improves depends on how your body worked before you indulged during the holidays. With some luck, once you start eating those healthy greens your skin should start to respond.

Hydrate Skin

After a month of boozing and sugar, it’s likely your skin may be feeling parched. Restore your skin’s hydration levels by avoiding excessive alcohol consumption. If you do decide to drink booze be sure to gulp down water in between each drink.

Many offices blast the central heating on during the wintertime, and a dry and hot office doesn’t help skin that’s already thirsty. If you work in a warm office, make sure you make the extra effort to drink lots of water. Consider swapping coffee and breakfast tea for green tea so your skin can benefit from the extra hydration and the antioxidants.

When it comes to choosing skincare products, opt for a soothing cleanser that’s kind to the skin yet washes the skin without disturbing the skin barrier. Products that are harsher can disrupt the skin barrier, increasing trans-epidermal water loss that results in dry and irritated skin.

Look for moisturizers and other skincare products that attract water to the skin, such as formulas featuring glycerine or hyaluronic acid. As the goal is to prevent water loss from thirsty skin, a rich moisturizer or serum will gift calm, hydrated, and glowing skin.

PCA Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum works to plump and firm dull and tired skin with extra hydration. The calming blend of ingredients offers deep hydration on three different levels for maximum moisture: on the surface, deep in the skin, and by growing the skin’s hyaluronic acid production.

Indulge in a Facial

January is the perfect time to pamper the skin, and what better way to treat yourself than with a relaxing facial?

Regular facials work wonders for the skin and if you can, going for a facial at least once a month is a great habit to get into. After all, with consistent facials, you can achieve a flawless base. Look for a facial procedure that incorporates a resurfacing treatment. Not only does this help improve cell turnover, but it also combats those pesky blemishes all that overindulgence led to.

If going for regular facials isn’t an option for you, at-home masks can also benefit skin greatly.

Tuel’s Desert Clay Hydrating Mask absorbs excess oil from the skin while hydrating it at the same time with its mineral-rich smectite clay formula. The mask creates a protective barrier, helping calm unhappy skin and locking in much-needed moisture.

Party Proof Skin

Desperate to go to another party in January? If you prep ahead, you can avoid doing too much damage to your skin. For example, balance your diet in the days leading up to the event with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

And on the day of the party, be sure to consume a filling, balanced meal, alongside plenty of water.

While at the party switch up drinks with either a glass of water or a non-alcoholic option so you don’t overdo it. And before you roll into bed once the party is over, don’t forget to thoroughly cleanse and moisturise skin. Remember, sleeping in makeup is bound to lead to breakouts the following few days!

If you do make the mistake (don’t worry – it happens to everyone!) then here’s what to do when you sleep with makeup on.