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EltaMD Silvergel Antimicrobial Gel
EltaMD Silvergel Antimicrobial Gel

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Our Price $20.00 Quantity:
1 oz (29.6 ml)          Item: ELTA-001
EltaMD SilverGel Antimicrobial Gel is a clear, amorphous antimicrobial wound gel, containing 55 ppm silver,.specially formulated to create a moist healing environment and help provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection. SilverGel is ideal for high-risk or infected wound areas with light to moderate exudate, preventing bacterial growth and absorbing up to equal its volume of wound exudate.

Water-soluble gel remains clear while in use and will not discolor or stain tissue.
  • Viscosity allows full antimicrobial contact with entire wound bed.
  • Provides sustained and effective silver ion release for three days plus (proven by comprehensive testing).
  • Applies easily and remains in wound bed.

    Cleanse wound. Apply a generous amount of EltaMD SilverGel directly onto the affected site or apply as directed by physician. Wound may be covered with a dressing when directed by physician. Repeat as necessary to prevent/deter infection and to keep wound moist.

    Carbomer, Glycerin, Purified Water, Silver Nitrate, Sodium Chloride, Triethanolamine.

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