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Donell Super-Skin
Donell Super-Skin Donell Super-Skin is a privately-held cosmeceutical company, was founded in 1989 as the first company to develop and distribute topical non-steroidal products with the key ingredient, a mucopolysaccharide-cartilage complex (MCC). The inspiration for the company was the decades of research and published literature spearheaded by Dr. John F. Prudden, "Father of Cartilage Therapy," on the significant pharmacological properties of cartilage. As an Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, he discovered its ability to accelerate wound healing, as well as its potent anti-inflammatory effects when used systemically and topically, and its capability to help reduce signs of skin aging. The company knew it could make a significant contribution to dermatology and plastic surgery by providing skin care products with the highest degree of efficacy and quality, which are also safe and easy to use over prolonged periods of time with no side effects.

Donell AHA 20 Body TingleDonell AHA 20 Body Tingle
DONE-016   Our Price $45.00
Donell Cream Wash 5 ozDonell Cream Wash 5 oz
DONE-003   Our Price $25.00

Donell Daily TonerDonell Daily Toner
DONE-001   Our Price $16.00
Donell Lip Saver SPF 15 (<b><font color ="A5267B">50% DISCOUNT</font></b>)SPECIAL
Donell Lip Saver SPF 15 (50% DISCOUNT)
DONE-006   Our Price $8.00

Donell Mini MicrodermabrasionDonell Mini Microdermabrasion
DONE-014   Our Price $40.00
Donell Super Skin Moisturizer (20% Discount)SPECIAL
Donell Super Skin Moisturizer (20% Discount)
DONE-024   Our Price $45.00

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