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NEWDermaceutic Pigment Spots & Melasma Homecare Kit
Dermaceutic Pigment Spots & Melasma Homecare Kit

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Our Price $289.00 Quantity:
Item: DMCT-021
Helps to reduce pigment spots and harmonize complexion
For the appearance of pigment spots, melasma or post-inflammatory pigmentation.

These expert skincare products can be used as long term care to maintain the results of professional treatments

This kit contains:
Foamer 15 - 100ml
Light Ceutic - 40ml
K Ceutic - 30ml
C25 Cream - 30ml
Mela Cream - 30ml

Foamer 15: Active Ingredients:Glycolic acid 15%, Glycerine, Enoxolone, Coconut oil Perfume free, Paraben free
K Ceutic: Active Ingredients: Shea butter 5%, K Complex 4%, Vitamins C and E, Anti-dark spot complex, Aloe vera
C25 Cream: Active Ingredients: Methylsilanol ascorbate 25%, Vitamin A, Vitamins B, B5, Vitamin E, Polyphenols
Light Ceutic: Active Ingredients: Glycolic acid 8%, Phytic acid 4 %, Methylsilanol ascorbate Perfume free, Paraben free
Mela Cream: Active Ingredients Kojic, Salicylic, Phytic and Mandelic acids, Arbutin, Niacinamide, Retinol and Licorice Extract. pH 4.27

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