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Credentials - Facial Cleansers, Moisturizers and Skin Toners

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Brand Classification
Clinical System()
Renewal System()
Sensitive System()
Sun Protection()
Skin Care Essentials()
Vitamins & Intensive Treatments()
Oil Free System()
Replenish System()
Physician Options()
Hydrating System()
Daily Basics()
Post Treatment()
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Check individual products()
Vitamin E()
Hyaluronic Acid()
Vitamin C()
Glycolic Acid()
Green Tea()
Amino Acids()
Witch Hazel()
Flower Extracts()
Aloe Vera()
Xanthum Gum()
Citric Acid()
Titanium Dioxide()
Salicylic Acid()
Green Tea Extract()
Water (Aqua)()
Xanthan Gum.()
Xanthan Gum()
Fruit Extracts()
Flower Extract()
Fruit Extract()
See individual products()
Algae Extracts()
Hydroxy Acids()
Leaf Extracts()
Stearic Acid()
Vitamins E()
Fatty Acids()
Herbal Extracts()
Oat Kernel Extract()
Wine Extract()
Vitamin C
Plant Extract()
Joboba Oil()
Jojoba Oil()
Algae Extract()
Please refer to individual products()
Please check individual products()
Shea Butter()
Essential Oils()
Jojoba Oil()
Vitamin A()
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Skin Type
Acne Prone Combination Dry Mature Normal Oily Sensitive Skin()
Acne Prone()
Oily & Sensitive Skin()
Oily Skin()
Sensitive Skin()
Dry Skin()
Combination Skin()
Normal Skin()
Mature Skin()
Acne-Prone Skin()
Acne Prone Combination Dry Mature Normal Oily Sensitive()
Oily and Sensitive Skin()
Oily and Sensitive Skin()
Oil and Acne Prone Skin()
Oily & Sensitive Skin()
Acne Prone Skin()
Dry and Sensitive Skin()
Oily & Sensitive()
Mature & Sensitive Skin()
n Dry()
Matyre Skin()
Oily & Sensitive()
Acne Pron()
Acne Prone Combination Dry Mature Normal Oily & Sensitive Skin()
Mature & Oily Skin()
Sensitive & Mature Skin()
Oily & Sensitive Skin()
Normal & Sensitive Skin()
Oily & Sensitive Skin()
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Cleansers & Toners()
Creams & Moisturizers()
Exfoliators & Peels()
Face & Neck Care()
Serums & Treatments()
Eye Care()
Lip Care()
Sun Care()
Cleaners & Toners()
Body Care()
Cleanser & Toner()
Serum & Treatment()
Face Care and Treatmensts()
Hand & Feet Care()
Travel Size & Kits()
Hand Care()
Lifting & Firmness()
Cleansers & Toners & Exfoliate()
Face & Neck Care.()
Face & Neck Care()
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Application Area
Face & Neck()
Eye Care()
Face and Neck Care()
Face & Neck Care()
Eye Lashes()
Serums & Treatments()
Creams & Moisturizers()
Sun Care()
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Paraben Free()
Fragrance Free()
Lanolin Free()
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Phthalate Free()
Sulfate Free()
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Credentials Skin Care Set - Clinical System
Credentials Skin Care Set - Renewal System
Credentials Skin Care Set - Sensitive System
Credentials Skin Care Set - Youth Enhancing Kit
Credentials Advanced Protection Sunscreen SPF 30 4.5fl oz.
Credentials All Herbal Toner 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Amino-Lift Peptide Complex 1fl oz.
Credentials Arnica Facial Wash 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Avocado Body Lotion 8fl oz.
Credentials Azu-Zinc Soothing Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Azulene Cleansing Lotion 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Azulene Toner 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Bee Propolis Extract 1fl oz.
Credentials Bio-Amino Anti-Line Concentrate 1 oz
Credentials Bisabolol Nutrient Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Blemish Fix 0.23fl oz.
Credentials Botanical Bio-Peptide Concentrate 1fl oz.
Credentials Botanical Bio-Peptide Cream 2fl oz.
Credentials Botanical Bio-Peptide Toner 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Daily Mineral Guard 4fl oz.
Credentials Calendula Cream Oil-Free 2fl oz.
Credentials Camphor Pore Minimizing Masque 9fl oz.
Credentials Camphor Pore-Minimizing Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Cellufirm Contouring Serum 7.5fl oz.
Credentials Cellufirm Cream 7fl oz.
Credentials Cellular Resilience Complex 1fl oz.
Credentials Citrus Day Skin Care 2fl oz.
Credentials Clarifying Astringent 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Collagen-Elastin 14-1 Cream 2fl oz.
Credentials Daily O2 Optimizing Cream 2fl oz.
Credentials Decollete & Bust Contour Cream 4fl oz.
Credentials Deep Purifying Cleanser 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Dermaloge Cleansing Liquid 6.8fl oz
Credentials Exfoliating Glycolic Wash 6.0 fl oz.
Credentials Eye & Throat Bio-Formula 1fl oz.
Credentials Eye Makeup Remover 4fl oz.
Credentials Eye Nourisher 1fl oz.
Credentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee 0.5fl oz.
Credentials Eyebright Intensive Eye Cream 0.5fl oz.
Credentials Eyelighten Eye Cream 0.5fl oz.
Credentials Face Firming Complex 1fl oz.
Credentials Face Nourisher 2fl oz.
Credentials Face Refresher 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Facial Cleansing Gelee 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Fine Polish Facial Beads 4.5fl oz.
Credentials Foaming Skin Polish 8fl oz.
Credentials Fresh Facial Bath 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Fruit Enzyme Peel 2fl oz
Credentials Gentle Gel Cleanser 6 fl oz
Credentials Glycol X-20 Lotion 1fl oz.
Credentials Glycolic Cleanser 6.8fl oz..
Credentials Glycolic Face Cream 2fl oz.
Credentials Glycolic Facial Lotion 1.25fl oz.
Credentials Glycolic Facial Tonic 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Glycolic Moisture Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Glycolic Serum 1fl oz.
Credentials Gold Nuggets 30 ampoules
Credentials Hand Revitalizing Treatment 4fl oz.
Credentials Herbal Nova Cream 2fl oz
Credentials Honey Almond Scrub 4fl oz.
Credentials Hungarian Water 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules - Box of 10 - 0.12 fl oz ea
Credentials Hydra Gel 1fl oz.
Credentials Hydrating Complex Creme 2fl oz.
Credentials Hydrating System
Credentials Invigorating Bath & Shower Gel 8fl oz.
Credentials Invigorating Body Lotion 8fl oz.
Credentials Invigorating Mineral Salts 18fl oz.
Credentials Keralyx Dermcare Cream 9.0 fl oz.
Credentials Lash & Brow Conditioning 0.08fl oz.
Credentials Line Filler 0.5fl oz.
Credentials Lip Duo Kit 0.25oz
Credentials Lip Enhancing Complex .25 oz
Credentials Lip Exfoliator 0.25fl oz.
Credentials Lip Treatment 0.25 oz
Credentials Liquid Gold 0.5fl oz.
Credentials Loofah Bath and Shower Scrub 8fl oz.
Credentials Lotus Flower Ginseng Toner 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Massage Creme 9fl oz.
Credentials Massage Oil 8fl oz.
Credentials Micro-Mineral Resurfacing Treatment 2.5fl oz.
Credentials Microsome Eye Gel 1fl oz.
Credentials Milk & Honey Firming Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Moisture Infusion Mist 6.0 fl oz.
Credentials Olive Dual-Cleansing Oil 3.5fl oz.
Credentials Orange Blossom Cleansing Milk 6.8fl oz .
Credentials Overnight Oxy-Complex 1fl oz.
Credentials Phyto-Moisture Complex 2 oz
Credentials Plant Essence Toner 6.8fl oz.
Credentials PM Maxima Cream 1fl oz.
Credentials Pumpkin Exfoliating Masque 5fl oz.
Credentials Puritanical Cleanser 4fl oz.
Credentials Puritanical Fluid 6fl oz.
Credentials Refine Body Polish with AHA's 8fl oz.
Credentials Refining Jojoba Cleanser 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel 8fl oz.
Credentials Relaxing Body Lotion 8fl oz.
Credentials Relaxing Mineral Salts 18fl oz.
Credentials Rescue Post-Treatment Cream 2fl oz.
Credentials Rescue Post-Treatment Cream 9fl oz.
Credentials Retinol Night Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Rosacalm Skin Serum 1fl oz.
Credentials Rosewater Mineral Toner 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Seawater Hydrating Mist 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Self-Foaming Gentle Cleanser 6 oz
Credentials Shio Doro Detoxifying Treatment 8fl oz.
Credentials Silk-Amino Moisture Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Skin Brightening Gel 1fl oz.
Credentials Skin Care Set - Invigorating Travel
Credentials Skin Care Set - Oil-Free System
Credentials Skin Care Set - Relaxing Travel
Credentials Skin Care Travel Set - Replenish System
Credentials Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Dark 1.7fl oz.
Credentials Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 - Light 1.7fl oz.
Credentials Skin Recovery Cream 2fl oz.
Credentials SkinPerfecting Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 - Medium 1.7fl oz.
Credentials Soft Collagen Cream Masque 2fl oz.
Credentials Soft Grain Scrub 4.5fl oz.
Credentials Sugar Butter Body Scrub 8.5fl oz.
Credentials Sugar Butter Travel Set
Credentials Sugar Smoothie Body Cream 7fl oz.
Credentials Sugar Sweet Body Wash 12fl oz.
Credentials Sunless Tan For Face and Body 7fl oz.
Credentials Swiss Collagen Complex 10 x 0.12fl oz. ampoules
Credentials Therapeutic Buffing Creme 4fl oz.
Credentials Urban Anti-Pollution Essence 3.5fl oz.
Credentials Vit A Complex 1 fl oz
Credentials Vita-Pure Cleansing Milk 6.8fl oz.
Credentials Vital Intensive Serum 1fl oz.
Credentials Vitamin A Refining Complex 1fl oz.
Credentials Vitamin C Cream 1fl oz.
Credentials Vitamin C Serum 1fl oz.
Credentials White Charcoal O2 Detox Masque 2fl oz.

Credentials - Facial Cleansers, Moisturizers and Skin Toners

As a pioneer for the use of botanicals in the United States, Credentials maintains a leadership position in advanced, innovative skincare technologies.

Our mission with Credentials skin care is to provide cutting-edge formulations, innovative marketing, impeccable customer service and ingredient-driven product education to all our professional clients. From our spas and salons to our dermatologists, plastic surgeons and custom accounts, we are continually driven by the desire to exceed the industries highest expectations.

Our Research and Development team combine unparalleled knowledge of botanical technology with one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the skin care industry. As one of the first manufacturers to pave the way with the use of botanicals, Credentials skin line takes advantage of specialized knowledge of herbal and botanical extracts, with advance antioxidants, vitamins, and other unique, novel ingredients. Because of long and standing relationships with raw ingredient suppliers from around the world, Credentials is exposed to many cutting-edge ingredients before many other manufacturers.