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Skincare Spotlight: Credentials

Credentials SkincareIt’s time to shine the limelight on another of our favorite brands here at Skin Elite. If you’re looking for go-to beauty brand selling a wide range of bath, body, and skincare products created from sweet-smelling botanical ingredients, say hello to the Credentials range.

We’ll go through what makes Credentials so special and will highlight some of our top picks from the fabulous line of the beauty brand. Ready to smell heavenly? Keep reading.

The Ethos of Credentials Products

Each product crafted by Credentials is produced with botanical, nourishing, and natural ingredients that will do your skin the world of good. Say goodbye to products packed full of nasty additives and chemicals, and welcome worry and cruelty-free formulations from Credentials that boast tried and tested results.

All the ingredients used in Credentials products are grown in the USA and are of the freshest quality to offer you effective and healthy skin-loving products.

Credentials pride itself on delivering cutting edge and innovative formulations. That’s along with impeccable customer service, secure and reasonable delivery, and fair prices.

The owner of Credentials is Judi Mach, a face toning massage and Bellanina facelift honey massage specialist. Passionate about the brand, Judi’s priority at Credentials is her customer’s happiness with her products.

That means Judi stands wholeheartedly by the products lovingly created.

Judi promises that should any issues occur, the problem will be dealt with. That’s with no questions asked, no holds barred, and no ifs and no buts. Whatever happens, Judi promises to solve any problem, even if a new product or even a refund is required.

Plus, Judi uses all the Credentials products from her line personally and in her honey facelift massage sessions, showing she has real faith and loyalty in her brand.

Our Top Picks

Credentials offer a huge range of bath, body, and skincare products created from botanical ingredients, but here are a few of our select favorites here at Skin Elite.

Credentials Arnica Facial Wash

The Credentials Arnica Facial Wash is the ideal solution to cleanse sensitive skin in the morning and evening. Mild, non-abrasive, and low foaming, this is a gentle wash that shifts makeup and other residues with complete ease.

The ingredients include arnica and aloe extracts. These offer superior soothing for skin types that are too sensitive for most cleansing products. The natural ingredients also work to soothe the skin with their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reach for this bottle if you suffer from highly sensitive skin or a complexion healing from microdermabrasion or surgery. To use, apply a small pea-sized amount to your face and neck, massaging it into the skin using gentle circular motions. Don’t forget to rinse off with lukewarm water.

Credentials Enlighten Eye Cream

Are you constantly waking up with puffy bags? Or perhaps you’re noticing crows’ feet around the eyes?

Then you may appreciate Credentials Enlighten Eye Cream. The formula consists of a concentrated and hydrating eye cream that works to firm and smooth the skin around the eyes, lessens eye puffiness, and plumps fine lines.

Featuring a complex formula containing three peptide molecules, the eye cream helps restore a smoother and more youthful look to the eyes with help from the Emblica fruit extract and vitamin K found within the cream. Say goodbye to dark circles, around-the-eye wrinkles, and swollen bags.

The peptides found in the formula promote collagen production, further helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet around the eye area.

To use, apply a small dollop to the finger and massage around the orbital bone under the eye area in the morning and evening.

Credentials Massage Oil

For super silky and smooth skin, grab a bottle of Credentials massage oil to soften the skin ready for a soothing massage. The formula is packed with natural botanicals, vitamins, and natural fatty acids. These all help to promote heavenly feelings of health, vigor, and well-being.

The botanical ingredients include cucumber, lavender, Matricaria, and chamomile. Such ingredients help awaken delicious aromas as the formula soaks into the skin.

Whether using at home or professionally in a salon, the Credentials massage offers relaxation and calm to any user.

Use as much as necessary for the perfect massage. If there’s too much liquid, remove the excess by gentling rubbing a clean and moist towel onto the skin.

Credentials Hand Revitalizing Treatment

It’s easy to forget about looking after our hands, especially when focusing on other areas of our body. But our hands require some much needed TLC. After all, we use them constantly throughout the day.

Pamper your hands with Credentials Hand Revitalizing Treatment, an intensive cream full of emollients like olive fruit oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, and shea butter. Make dry, parched, and crackly hands super-smooth and soft with this distinct blend of essential oils and natural ingredients that fuse wonderfully together.


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