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Credentials Cellular Resilience Complex
Credentials Cellular Resilience Complex

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1 oz (30 ml)          Item: CRED-009
As we age, our skin faces more challenges. Finding a product that helps with one issue, and doesn?t turn into another can sometimes be difficult. Look no further, as CBI introduces our NEW Cellular Resilience Complex, a skin experience formulated with the newest stem-cell innovation, Citrustem.

This cutting edge stem-cell ingredient derived from oranges helps to rebuild thinning skin from the inside out. Citrustem organizes and redensifies the dermis structure by increasing the synthesis of elements forming the extracellular matrix. Cell-communicating peptides act on emerging wrinkles and fine lines, while a synergistic blend of sustainable Bisabolol and Organic Ginger targets all major inflammatory mediators to calm sensitive and problematic skin.

Regular and well defined microrelief, few wrinkles and improved overall appearance; the skin can recover the elastic properties it had up to 12 years ago.

CBI?s Cellular Resilience Complex has been formulated as an anti-aging treatment mild enough for oily/acneic or problematic skin, gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet strong enough to yield professional results.

For ALL skin types, it can be layered with other treatments and moisturizers to add stem cell benefits to the regimen.

After cleansing & toning, apply to entire face and neck, avoiding eye area.

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