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Reduce Scar Appearance and Repair Skin

Scars are a natural part of the healing process following a wound or injury. But, it's only natural that you might want to reduce the appearance of them. Most scars will fade with time; however, many will never completely heal. For the best results, look for products designed to reduce the appearance of scars, such as acne scars, results of injuries, and more.

A repairing scar recovery gel softens and minimizes the appearance of red or pink scars. Serums and lightening formulas also work well to facilitate collagen stimulation, helping scars reduce more rapidly.

iS CLINICAL Super Serum Advance+


iS CLINICAL Super Serum Advance+


AGE-DEFYING, SUPER ANTIOXIDANT, BRIGHTENING SUPER SERUM ADVANCE+ is a scientifically advanced, clinically proven formula that, for the first time, combines a 15% concentration of our next generation L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) with a bioidentical Copper...


Neova Cu3 Recovery Lotion 3.4 fl oz


Neova Cu3 Recovery Lotion is a mid-weight, recuperative lotion, with Copper Tri-Peptides locks in moisture and protects stressed, compromised skin. In an occlusive base, it promotes natural regeneration, maintains a moist wound environment and helps...


EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel 2 fl oz


This clear, cooling gel helps skin's natural healing process after non-ablative and mildly ablative laser procedures. EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel relieves redness, itching and discomfort while hydrating with hyaluronic acid. It can be applied immediately...


CosMedix Refine Plus 0.5 fl oz


Containing 8% AGP Complex, this powerful concentration of retinol takes Refine to the next level for enhanced results. Combining its proprietary retinol complex with amino acids and high-performance hydrators, Refine Plus is not just a refinishing...

PCA Skin

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PCA Skin Acne Gel 1 fl oz


A salicylic acid acne treatment that clears existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts. Fast-acting salicylic acid treatment to clear acne blemishes quickly and effectively A unique botanical blend that controls oil production throughout the...

Donell Super-Skin

Donell Mini Microdermabrasion 2.8 oz


Donell Mini Microdermabrasion is a unique facial scrub for treatment of acne, pigment variation, fine lines, small scars and blotchy skin. Apply on clean, moist skin. Scrub gently for 1-2 minutes in circular motion on face, neck, chest, hands and feet...


DCL Intensive Itch Relief Lotion 1.7 oz


Steroid free cream, soothes & calmsA non-steroid, deeply comforting lotion formulated with trusted and effective menthol and camphor to instantly relieve the itching that accompanies minor skin irritations from cuts, abrasions, poison ivy, insect...


CosMedix Clarity Serum 1 fl oz


Clarity is a Skin-Clarifying Serum that works to remove pore-clogging impurities and exfoliate the skin for a smoother, clearer-looking complexion that lasts. Helps exfoliate congested skin and clarifies clogged pores Soothes skin for a clearer-looking...


DCL AHA Lightening Gel 1 fl oz


Advanced triple action brightening treatmentAHA LIGHTENING GEL advanced triple action brightening treatment An intensive triple-action brightening treatment formulated with an advanced and effective combination of kojic acid and hydroquinone...


Neova Cu3 Recovery Spray 3.4 fl oz


Neova Cu3 Recovery Spray has cooling and moistening droplets of Copper Peptide Complex® (Bis Tripeptide-1) comfort tender skin and aid recovery with concentrated micronutrients. Pure Copper Tri-Peptide relieves tightness and moisture deprivation post...