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NeoStrata Helped Revolutionize Skincare

Posted by Skin Elite on Oct 30th 2020

NeoStrata Helped Revolutionize Skincare

NeoStrata is a landmark skincare company that has revolutionized the industry since its inception in the 1970s. Its name means new layers and it is a motto the company takes to heart in every product it releases.

NeoStrata products wipe away the old dry and damaged layers of your skin and replace them with new skin filled with youthful vitality. You’ll see the years drop from your face and hands as they rejuvenating skin treatments bring back the elasticity and shine of years gone by.

Products like the NeoStrata Resurface Lotion Plus are made for acne-prone, dry and mature skin.  The dye and fragrance-free lotion help brighten your skin and stimulate collagen to firm and lift. Your hands, face, and neck will look amazing thanks to the glycolic, hydroxy and stearic acids found inside the lotion.

 The NeoStrata Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser is soap and fragrance-free and used salicylic and hydroxyl acids o even skin tone and moisturize dry and damaged skin.

If you’re looking for more in-depth cleaning and healing, then try the NeoStrata Perfecting Peel. This three month supply exfoliates your skin and transforms your damaged and mature by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

NeoStrata has a long history of skincare research and development. They discovered the healing effects alpha hydroxyl acids has on the skin in 1974 and not patented the third generation bionic polyhdroxy acids in 200.

Recently they patented the next generation of skincare, aminofil, and neoglucosamine, to help revitalize and de-age damaged skin. Perfection is not a goal, but a standard at NeoStrata. They use only the finest ingredients and pioneering skincare research.

Skin Elite™ is proud to provide a wide array of products from this legendary skincare company. If you’re interested in their revolutionary products, please check out our NeoStrata page.