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Introducing Avant Skincare At Skin Elite

Posted by Nikki Wisher on Jul 20th 2022

Introducing Avant Skincare At Skin Elite

Skin Elite has a simple mission: to bring you the best and brightest skin care products from around the world and deliver them to your door so you can enjoy the healthiest skin of your life. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to grow in that mission, and part of that involves assessing the brands we offer and adding new brands that align with your needs. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing a new brand on board at Skin Elite: Avant Skincare!

Who Is Avant Skincare?

Avant Skincare is a high-quality brand that was launched in London in 2016. As a relative newcomer in the skincare world, Avant brings in a fresh perspective with a clear focus. They’re all about blending the best of nature and science together to identify the best ingredients for their products. Along with leaning on natural ingredients, Avant Skincare throws assumptions out the window, questioning and scrutinizing every ingredient to make sure it’s truly beneficial for their customers’ skin.

Avant Skincare’s Mission

Every skincare brand has the goal to help their customers achieve better, healthier skin, but Avant Skincare takes it a step further. Their mission is to help every customer feel confident in their own skin and to do this by marrying natural ingredients with cutting-edge scientific knowledge. You could say that Avant Skincare is a research-based, educated skincare line.

Avant’s Skincare-to-Share™ Philosophy

One core part of Avant Skincare’s philosophy is their skincare-to-share™ strategy. It’s all about creating products that aren’t limited to people of specific genders, skin colors, or ethnicities. Avant focuses on designing products that give skin what it needs regardless, so you can share it with your friends and family with ease…even if you don’t want to part with your new favorites.

Why Avant Skincare Is a Perfect Fit for Skin Elite

You probably already know that quality is a top priority for us at Skin Elite. We know drug store shelves are packed with products, some of which work well while others…don’t. Our mission is to bring you skin care products you know are high-quality and reliable.

More recently, though, we’ve been adding an emphasis on clean beauty and natural skin care, highlighting brands that make this a priority. Avant Skincare aligns with both of our goals. Not only are they made with the highest quality of ingredients and care but they provide a clean beauty option for all.

A Commitment to Ethical Skincare

As dedicated as Avant Skincare is to giving you healthy, gorgeous skin, they’re also dedicated to doing all this in an ethical, responsible way. Every Avant Skincare product is PETA Cruelty-Free International certified. This means that neither Avant’s finished products nor the raw materials they use in their products are tested on animals. There’s no need to choose between top-shelf products and making positive choices for our furry friends.

Variety with Quality

Along with being cruelty-free, science-based, and naturally focused, Avant Skincare’s products are highly varied. In fact, this brand boasts an extensive lineup of thirteen different ranges (so far).

It all started with their first range, Bio-Activ+, hinged on natural ingredients. Avant paired up dermatologists and other skin care leaders to create unique products, and they’ve repeated their success again and again. Today, they have ranges that span nearly any skin care goal you may have, from aging correction to acne treatment to sun care and more.

Getting Avant Skincare Delivered to Your Door

How can you experience the difference in Avant Skincare for yourself? In a short time, you can get all the top Avant products delivered directly to your door from the skin care shop you know and trust: Skin Elite. Keep an eye out for these fantastic Avant Skincare products coming soon!