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Embryolisse: Conscious Ingredients Focused on Skin Health

Aug 7th 2021

Embryolisse: Conscious Ingredients Focused on Skin Health

There’s something beautiful that happens when you come out of a lifetime of using drugstore skincare products and put something of true quality on your skin for the first time. Suddenly you realize that there is a difference between $8 cream and $28 cream. You go from “I guess my skin’s just naturally bad” to “wow, my skin can look THAT good?!”

The journey to find the perfect products for your skin never ends, though, and the ideal combination will shift as your complexion changes with age. If you’re looking for high-quality brands to try, allow me to introduce you to your next contender: Embryolisse.

About Embryolisse

Embryolisse has been a star on the skin care scene for over 70 years. It all started in 1950 in the mind of a Parisian dermatologist working in a hospital and specializing in skin diseases. The first product that was born was Lait-Crème Concentré, and it became an instant cult hit. Before long the company was able to expand its success and develop extensive lines of new skin care products that are now beloved worldwide.

Embryolisse achieves skin beauty by focusing on skin health. Its philosophy is to give your skin the nourishing essentials it needs – and only those essentials. As a largely natural skin care brand, its products skip unnecessary ingredients like dyes, fragrances, and unneeded chemicals. Most of its products are based in plant-derived ingredients that give your skin exactly what it’s missing.

Over the years, Embryolisse has become particularly popular throughout the entertainment industry. The products are a fixture in the toolkits of makeup artists and aestheticians to the stars, helping international icons to maintain healthy skin in spite of the extensive makeup and strenuous lifestyles that come with a career in entertainment. If the Embryolisse products work so well for them, just imagine what they can do for your skin!

Embryolisse Products You Have to Try

Enough with the background – let’s get to the good stuff: the top products that will give you a taste for the power of Embryolisse. You can’t go wrong with any Embryolisse masterpiece, but start dabbling with these popular favorites.

Lait-Crème Concentré

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is the legend that started it all: the brand’s first product and the product that put it on the map.

Technically, Lait-Crème Concentré is a moisturizer, but in reality, it’s much more. It cleanses and soothes your skin while hydrating it, making it an excellent after-sun product as well as a daily moisturizer. It leaves your skin more hydrated, softer, smoother, and more youthful, and all the while, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Anti-Aging Firming Cream

Who among us doesn’t have a wrinkle or two that we’d like to send packing? For that purpose, look no further than Embryolisse’s Anti-Aging Firming Cream. This moisturizing cream is based in plant-derived nourishment, but it also includes powerful collagen and hyaluronic acid.

The cream gives your skin a youthful plumpness and firmness, minimizing wrinkles while also packing in powerful antioxidants to help you ward off sun damage. With the help of a renewing retinol as well, Anti-Aging Firming Cream is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Filladerme Emulsion

Most people get dry skin from time to time, like during the winter when the air’s humidity is low. For some, though, dry skin is a chronic and uncomfortable issue. That’s who Embryolisse had in mind for its Filladerme Emulsion.

This ultra-hydrating facial lotion is designed to rebuild your skin’s natural moisture barrier with vital lipids and nutrients. Because dry skin tends to be particularly sensitive, Embryolisse designed Filladerme Emulsion with natural ingredients, making it paraben-free and free from other irritants and unnecessary chemicals too.


Daily moisturizer goes a long way toward keeping your skin hydrated, healthy, and youthful, but every so often, you need a more in-depth treatment with a moisturizing mask. The Embryolisse Hydra-Masque should be the mask you reach for when those times arise.

The mask replenishes your skin and repairs your moisture barrier with a combination of natural vitamins, plant-derived oils, and hyaluronic acid – yes, the hyaluronic acid that is the main ingredient in anti-aging facial filler injections. Best of all, the mask is so gentle that you can use it as often as twice per week.

Radiant Eye Stick

No matter what you do, there will be mornings when you wake up and your eyes are so puffy that they look like you’ve been awake all night in a staring contest with a light bulb. On those mornings, the Embryolisse Radiant Eye Stick is a lifesaver.

This unique product looks like a chubby stick of chapstick but it uses unique cooling and soothing ingredients to ease puffy eyelids, minimize dark circles, and make you look like you’re lively and alert…even if you’re still waking up.

Adding Embryolisse to Your Skin Care Routine

Embryolisse is a high-quality skin care brand that has truly earned a spot in your medicine cabinet. The brand puts compassion and cutting-edge skin science into each product, designing them to give you the pure beauty of healthy, glowing skin, all while prioritizing natural ingredients. Try the favorites above (or any Embryolisse product, for that matter) to see how they can enhance your skin care regimen.