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Discover the Benfits of Babor Skincare

Nov 1st 2020

Discover the Benfits of Babor Skincare

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried a skincare product and wound up with more problems than when you started. If we weren’t on opposite ends of a computer screen from each other, I’d be willing to bet I would see many hands besides my own.

Buying skincare products is a transaction of trust. Unless you happen to be a dermatologist, you don’t know what the ingredients on the label do or how your skin will react to them. That’s why you need to find brands you can trust to take care of your precious skin.

Look no further than Babor. I’m putting this brand on stage today because above so many other brands, they have a long-established history of high-quality, science-backed products that genuinely make a positive difference in their customers’ skin.

Who is Babor?

Babor Skincare is one of the most enduring skincare brands around. They’ve been making their mark since 1956 when they launched in Germany and have been skin health pioneers for nearly 65 years (and counting).

It all started with a unique cleansing oil developed by a chemist Dr. Michael Babor. His goal was to make a cleanser that washed away debris and unwanted particles from the skin without leaving your skin feeling dry and tight, and he hit the nail on the head.

Since that first success, Babor has stayed in the family and is now operated by the third generation of skincare legends. Along the way, the brand has continued to innovate new products that answer skincare needs you didn’t know you had.

That word “innovate” is really what sets Babor apart from the rest. Their busy research labs in Germany are packed with chemists, biologists, and other specialists who are on the trail of new ingredients and combinations that make a real difference in your skin. It’s no wonder why Babor has been such a trusted brand for all these years.

Babor Products You Need to Try

I could go on all day about Babor’s bold inventiveness and the reliability of their scientific team. At the end of the day, though, I know what you really want to see: whether Babor can give you smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin. Say no more.

The only way to see it for yourself is to try Babor’s products first-hand. I wouldn’t call anything in their extensive catalog a bad choice, but there are a few particular favorites I’d recommend for your first taste.

HSR Lifting Extra Firming Neck and Décolleté Cream

If you saw the name of this product and thought, “oh no, I never treat my neck, how ancient does it look?” you’re not alone. We tend to focus so much on keeping our face looking young that we skip our neck entirely, letting the years work their evil magic.

That’s where Babor’s HSR Lifting Extra Firming Neck and Décolleté Cream comes in. It uses hand-selected amino acids to improve your skin’s elasticity in this highly wrinkle-prone area.

It’s also formulated specifically for the skin of your neck and décolletage so you know it’s up to the job. On top of firming your skin, this cream minimizes age spots too so you get a more comprehensively younger look.

Babor Men Anti-Wrinkle Face and Eye Energizer

For ladies and gents alike, when we look at the opposite sex’s skin, we usually see some differences. Men tend to have thicker, rougher skin with larger pores, for example, although each person’s hormonal chemistry and skin anatomy can vary. Most skincare products are more geared toward women’s skin because women are more likely to invest in their skin than men are.

To make sure they’re serving all their customers, though, Babor has a dedicated product line that’s optimized for men’s skin and its unique texture, composition, and hormone chemistry. For men who want a more youthful look, the Anti-Wrinkle Face and Eye Energizer is a tremendous start.

Beauty Rescue Ampoule Concentrates

We all have days when the stress of life is piling up and we feel utterly spent and exhausted, body and soul. Your skin has those stress-heavy days too, and that’s why Babor created their Beauty Rescue Ampoule Concentrates.

Babor has a robust line of their specialized ampoules: concentrated serums that are each fine-tuned for a specific purpose. In the case of the Beauty Rescue ampoules, the goal is to rehabilitate skin that has become weakened and dulled by the typical daily chaos in all of our lives. These ampoules soothe, nourish, strengthen, and brighten your skin while building its defenses against sun damage, pollution, stress, and other everyday plagues.

Moisturizing Cream

A great moisturizer is a staple in anyone’s skincare routine. It’s never easy to find that perfect moisturizer that gives your skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t need, but you have to give the Babor moisturizing cream a shot.

This cream is all about the basics: a balance of hydration without a greasy residue, and a soothing cream anyone can love. It’s the skincare equivalent of those restaurants that truly master the staples, like a great burger joint or that Italian restaurant with the most perfect spaghetti.

Soaking Up the Benefits of Babor

As far as skincare brands go, Babor is a can’t-miss, and I say this as someone who’s tried just about every skincare brand under the sun. They somehow strike a great balance between perfected staples and innovative creations, but it all has the same result: healthier, stunning skin. Give them a try for yourself.