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Avant Skincare: Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Products Your Skin Will Love

Posted by Ellie Swain on Aug 19th 2022

Avant Skincare: Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Products Your Skin Will Love

If you’re looking for a sustainable, cruelty-free skincare brand with a wide range of products carefully created using natural and innovative ingredients, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing Avant Skincare, a new brand to Skin Elite with a vast collection of natural products that your skin will love.

We’re thrilled to welcome Avant to Skin Elite, and we’d love to let you know a little more about the brand, along with some of our recommended products. Keep reading.

The Ethos of Avant Skincare

Avant Skincare was founded in Old Street, London, in 2016. This creative, artistic district of the capital inspired Avant’s slick and forward-thinking identity, with design a critical feature of the brand.

The goal of Avant Skincare is to educate its customers by helping them understand and learn about the ingredients they use on their skin so they can make informed purchasing choices.

Avant Skincare is dedicated to researching and learning more about the many benefits of natural ingredients. The brand aims to use innovative, scientific techniques to produce products skin will love that are teeming with nutrients and other goodness.

Every ingredient in Avant Skincare products is thoroughly scrutinized to create solutions to help customers feel beautiful and confident in their skin.

Avant brought together the expertise of dermatologists and skincare experts to create the Bio Activ+ skincare line. They’ve also continued this successful approach to developing skincare products when creating other ranges.

With Avant, expect non-invasive skincare formulas that can easily be used at home to deliver clear, visible results that you’ll love.


Avant fully embraces skincare-to-share™ by producing a vast selection of products that are designed to work for everyone. For Avant, it’s important that neither a certain product nor the brand is bound to gender, ethnicity, or skin colour. Instead, every product at Avant is designed to be what the skin needs.

Cruelty-Free Skincare

Avant is proud that all its products are PETA Cruelty-Free International certified. This means that every single one of Avant’s finished products and raw materials has never been tested on animals and never will.

Our Top Picks

It’s been hard to choose, but here are some of our favorites from Avant’s vast collection.

Avant Pink Orchid Subtle Restoring Overnight Serum

The Pink Orchid Subtle Restoring Overnight Serum is designed to replenish the skin’s moisture reserves and treat dry patches that can make the complexion appear dull. The serum brightens and awakens the stress, relieving the signs of any stress or tiredness.

Smooth this overnight serum on before bedtime so the product’s signature ingredients pink orchid and hyaluronic acid can work their magic as you snooze. Pink orchid helps to function as an essential building block for elasticity, helping to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid penetrates deep within the skin to nourish and rejuvenate the outer surface skin layers. The skin is left softer, smoother, and more luminous.

Avant Intense Acne Battling Purifying French Green Clay Mask

Are you suffering from stubborn acne and pimples? It’s time to reach for the Avant Intense Acne Battling Purifying French Green Clay Mask for a renewed, clear complexion.

The mask is designed to deeply nourish the skin with a powerful combination of green clay and zincidone to help tackle impurities. The formula contains high-quality ingredients to clear congested pores, remove excess oil, and gently exfoliate the skin to slough away dead skin cells.

Zincidone is a physio-seboregulator, meaning it helps to lessen the level of skin sebum while reducing bacterial proliferation and skin irritation. Meanwhile, green clay soaks up excess oils that block pores and contribute to acne and imperfections while deeply cleansing the skin to balance pH levels.

Avant Pro Salicylic Acid Immediate Blemish SOS Treatment

Another wonderful acne treatment from Avant is the Pro Salicylic Acid Immediate Blemish SOS Treatment . The formula helps you to achieve a blemish-free, healthy-looking complexion with innovative ingredients to clear the skin.

The much-loved, trending anti-acne skincare ingredient salicylic acid helps purify oily skin, unblocking pores and removing excess sebum. Brimming with antioxidant properties, papaya papains smooths skin texture while treating blemishes and preventing premature ageing. And you may or may not have heard of sarcosine, which helps to lessen shine while tightening and minimizing pores and evening the skin tone and complexion.

Avant 8-Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask

The 8-Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask is here to help your skin look and feel more youthful and fresh as you’re tucked up bed at night.

The mask’s signature ingredients include shea butter, rice bran, and panthenol to add a glow to your complexion.

Shea butter is teeming with antioxidants and vitamins A and E, working wonderfully as an emollient to keep your skin soft and supple. Rice bran helps to deeply hydrate your skin, while panthenol works to restore damaged skin while reducing irritation and inflammation.