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Skincare Spotlight: Bioelements

Woman applying skincare products to faceThis week we shine the spotlight on one of our premier skincare brands, Bioelements. An efficacy-forward company with a focus on skin-beneficial ingredients, responsible testing and packaging, and high product quality, Bioelements crafts skincare treatments that are used at-home by loyal customers and by estheticians in the spa.

We’re here to delve deeper into the Bioelements brand and what it stands for. We’ll also highlight some of our top picks from the brand that will get your skin healthy, glowing, and hydrated.

The Ethos of Bioements products

Bioelements is a forward-thinking skincare brand that only uses ingredients that your skin will love, either created within the lab or coming straight from nature.

When using Bioelements products, you can wave goodbye to ingredients that are no good for the skin. These include nasty phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, fragrances, and dyes. Expect only the good stuff from Bioelements.

All formulas are clinically tested for appropriate safety and efficacy, and absolutely no products are tested on animals. Many of the goods are also dermatologically tested, so you know even the experts have given their thumbs up.

Responsible packaging is another key concern of Bioelements, and products are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. These include anti-return air system tubes, recyclable glass, and pinpoint droppers.

Spa-Quality Products

Bioelements prides themselves on creating quality skincare products that are used by estheticians in the spa. As well as producing at-home skincare, professional-use products are also crafted for trained beauticians in treatment rooms all over the world. Now if that doesn’t suggest quality, we don’t know what does!

If you decide to opt for a Bioelements treatment in the spa, you can be assured that your Bioelements esthetician is there to customize your facial treatment every step of the way.

You’ll be asked important questions, will have your skin assessed, and your treatment will be tailored with the right products to suit your skincare goals. Say goodbye to problem skin!

Our Top At-Home Picks

If you can’t make it to the spa, don’t worry. The Bioelements at-home range of skincare products offers sublime quality, meaning you can take the spa home with you instead. From facial masks to moisturizers to men’s skincare products, Bioelements provides a versatile range of top-quality formulas to suit all skin types.

While it’s hard whittling down the list, here are our top picks from the brand.

Bioelements Amino Mask

Pimple on your forehead? Skin breaking out? For those days when your skin is playing up, reach for Bioelements Amino Mask.

A medicated treatment mask designed for acne-prone skin, the formula contains 3% pharmaceutical grade anti-bacterial sulfur and 2% pharmaceutical grade salicylic acid. These powerful ingredients work to clear pores, eliminate acne bacteria, maintain excess oil, and heal blemishes.

For a flawless and pimple-free façade, use twice a week, avoiding the eye area to protect your peepers. To use, apply to skin and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off and follow with a gentle toner.

As the formula is strong, dryness or peeling can occur to sensitive skin. If this is the case, opt to use once a week instead of twice.

Bioelements Recovery Serum

Do you dream of plump, glowing, and dewy skin? Transform skin that’s damaged, over exfoliated or aging with Bioelements Recovery Serum. The super-formula is packed full of skin-loving ceramides, lipids, and aromatherapist oils to help repair and combat skin that needs help.

To use, apply the smooth and sleek formula to the whole face, eye, and neck area. Give yourself a little massage to let the skin-repairing ingredients have a chance to sink in.

Be sure to use the serum last over your other skincare products to seal everything in. As the product is a breathable skin sealant, applying after moisturizer is a must. This is because if it’s applied before, it may prevent the all-important ingredients from soaking into the skin, and we don’t want that, do we?

When applied after moisturizer, the lipids sink into the skin along with the rest of the ingredients from your other products, while the silicones work independently to lock the surface.

Bioelements Really Rich Moisture

Speaking of moisturizer, it’s time to introduce Bioelements Really Rich Moisture. This formula helps to restore moisture to the skin, while repairing the skin’s micro-cracks that result in dryness, peeling, and flaking. After use, the skin becomes smoother, silkier, and softer, and fine lines become blurred and reduced.

Using Bioelements Really Rich Moisture is simple – just slather onto your face and neck in the morning and evening.

Bioelements Pre-Shave Cleanser

It’s not just the ladies that Bioelements takes care of. Enter the Bioelements Pre-Shave Cleanser, the perfect formula to prep men’s skin for shaving. The cleanser is packed with jojoba-filled grains that work to grind away dead skin, offering a smoother base for that all-important shave. Dirt, grime, and excess oil are soon swept away, leaving skin ready for action.

To use, wet skin. Then, apply a small amount over the face, and massage into the skin until the teeny jojoba grains dissolve. Rinse off. Now it’s time to shave!

Bioelements Stress Solution

Is your skin stressed out? This soothing Bioelements Stress Solution is bound to sort it out. Featuring a distinct mixture of antioxidants, honeysuckle flower, green tea, cornflower, and licorice, this gentle formula smooths and calms skin that’s in need of some serious TLC.

Apply one or two pumps to freshly cleansed skin and apply moisturizer on top. To use as an eye gel treatment, smooth into the entire eye area instead.

Bioelements Quality

These are just a few of the skin-loving products on offer from Bioelements. For more quality Bioelements products, check out the whole range here.