Bioelements Great Skin in a Box for Very Oily Skin and Oily Skin

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This Great Skin in a Box for Dry Skin includes:

  • Decongestant Cleanser, 6 oz
  • Equalizer, 6 oz
  • Beyond Hydration, 2.5 oz
  • Free Measured Microgram
  • Benefits

  • Thoroughly cleanse your skin
  • Rebalance and nourish just-cleansed
  • Hydrate and strengthen skin
  • Rejuvenate skin and control oil production overnight
  • Directions

    1) CLEANSE (Decongestant Cleanser): Cleanse the skin AM and PM.

    2) TONE (Equalizer): Spritz on skin after cleansing.
    3) MOISTURIZE (Beyond Hydration): Apply to face and neck after every AM and Equalizer


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