Bioelements Volcanic Mud Soap

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Bioelements Volcanic Mud Soap - For face and body. Contains ground oatmeal to scruff-off dead skin. Defends against breakouts on face and body. Supercharged with detoxifying volcanic mud.


GINSENG, SUMAC, GOTU KOLA, DONG QUAI, WATERCRESS - Bioelements Adaptogens - Support and strengthen the skin, helping it withstand stress, VOLCANIC MUD EXTRACT - Stimulating, detoxifying, OATMEAL - Soothing, abrasive, OLIVE OIL - Healing, soothing, COCONUT OIL - Soothing, SAFFLOWER OIL - Hydrating, softening, CASTOR OIL - Emollient, LAVENDER OIL - Antiseptic, healing, SAGE OIL - Antibacterial, healing, NEROLI OIL - Soothing
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