Bioelements Lip Buff

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Bioelements Lip Buff - A gentle buffing treatment for lips. Contains exfoliating sugar cane crystals and soothing aromatherapist oils. Sweeps away dead, peeling skin; reduces lines; and promotes healthy, natural color. No artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance or animal by-products. Not tested on animals.


Apply a small amount to clean lips. Using fingertips, gently massage lips. Rinse off. Use one to three times a week.


SUGAR CANE - Exfoliating, TOCOPHEROL ACETATE - Vitamin E - Moisturizing, water-binding, SHEA BUTTER - Emollient, JOJOBA OIL - Healing, lubricating, OLIVE OIL - Healing, soothing, SOYBEAN OIL - Soothing, moisturizing, LEMON, ORANGE, TANGERINE, PEPPERMINT, SPEARMINT, CARDAMOM OILS - Soothing, comforting
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