Bioelements Kerafole

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Bioelements Kerafole - Deep exfoliating mask. Fortified with Arctic Algae, gingko and chamomile extracts, fruit acids and tea tree, lavender, lemon, orange and clove oils. Unclogs pores, tightens, tones and smoothes skin. No artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance or animal by-products. Not tested on animals.


Apply over entire face and neck on just-cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on 10 minutes. Rinse off with water. Spritz skin with Equalizer and apply a Bioelements moisturizer or protector. Use once or twice a week.


Algae Extract (stimulating, detoxifying, nourishing), Lavender Oil (antiseptic, healing), Lemon Extract (antibacterial, skin-brightening), Tea Tree Oil (antibacterial), Citric Acid (exfoliant), Malic Acid (exfoliant), Camomile Extract (soothing), Ginko Biloba Extract (stimulating, improves microcirculation), Orange Oil (sedating), Kelp (nourishing)
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