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SPECIALBABOR Skinovage PX Argan Calming Repair Cream (60% DISCOUNT)
BABOR Skinovage PX Argan Calming Repair Cream (<b><font color ="A5267B">60% DISCOUNT</font></b>)

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1 5/8 oz (50 ml)          Item: BABO-030
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Experience the exotic nature of Morocco's "Liquid Gold", BABOR Skinovage Argan Calming Repair Cream retains the youthfulness of your skin. Help your skin to retain its elasticity longer with Morocco's liquid gold! The precious oil obtained from the argan tree has long been valued in Morocco for its medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties.

Argan Cream is a 24-hour cream with argan oil and arganyl (flavonoids obtained from the leaves of the argan tree)

Stabilizes the collagen fibers and protects them against enzymatic degradation
Firms the skin and promotes elasticity
Stabilizes the skin's hydrolipid mantle
Supplies moisture
Extremely well tolerated by sensitive skin

Apply evenly over the face as needed.

Active Ingredients: Arganyl, Aloe Vera, Arganyl Extract

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