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Aqua Glycolic
Aqua GlycolicAlpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Care System For All Skin Types

One of the highest concentrations of glycolic compound available without a prescription... yet pH buffered to be less irritating.

Smoothes wrinkles. Exfoliates. Cleanses sensitive skin. Refreshes sun-damaged skin. Improves acne

Whatever your skin type, Aqua Glycolic has a solution that will work for you. You can have healthier, younger looking, better feeling skin sooner than you think!

Aqua Glycolic Mederma Body Cleanser 8 ozAqua Glycolic Mederma Body Cleanser 8 oz
AQGL-004   Our Price $18.00
Aqua Glycolic Mederma Hand & Body Lotion 6 ozAqua Glycolic Mederma Hand & Body Lotion 6 oz
AQGL-003   Our Price $22.00

Aqua Glycolic Toner 6 ozAqua Glycolic Toner 6 oz
AQGL-005   Our Price $22.00

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